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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are You a Multi-Crafter?

I am. Big time! What else do I do?

  • loom knitting
  • crocheting
  • thread crocheting
  • craft sewing
  • cross stitching
  • rubber stamping
  • beading

Of those things listed above the ones I have done most recenty are the loom knitting, craft sewing and both types of crocheting. I have a stash for all of these things. I have begung to think about whether I should give up some of these crafts but I really do want to work on them. While I was finishing UFOs this year I thought that I ought to rotate project types and still think that is a good idea.

Here is my plan.

  1. Find all non-quilty UFOs and decide if I want to finish them
  2. Create a fab 4 similar to what I do for my quilting
  3. Get all the materials necessary for the project and "kit it up"
  4. Keep the projects handy for t.v. watching time
  5. FINISH!!

I have been loom knitting socks. While I was waiting for dd's foot to become available I started looking for my spare loom so I could start another sock. In doing so I came across a loom knit UFO. It is a plastic bag holder made from strata (self striping) yarn. I only had to remove it (cast off) from the loom and then sew the end over to make a cuff. The casting off technique was new to me but I managed to get that done while making supper. I also cuffed that edge as well. Now I have to locate some elastic and sew it into the cuffs. I will then have a completed object. I measured dd's foot and finished knitting her first sock. I have to learn a new finishing technique for the sock to finish it and plan to do that tonight.

Tell me about your other crafty interests and UFOs. Do you plan to finish them?


Babs Schmidt said...

I haven't done any of it in years but my only other crafty thing I like to do is Needlepoint. I used to do a lot of it in high school and college. I haven't bought a kit in years. Actually I think I have an old one around here somewhere...

Robyn said...

Hi Suz,
Years ago, I 'reigned in' my crafting variables.
I mainly concentrate on quilting and embroidery (sometimes scrapbooking)I suppose these days.
I used to do a lot more, but most things that I tried that weren't fabric related, had me wishing I was playing with fabric instead of what I was doing...that was when I realised fabric is my 'crafting area'.
Your plan sounds great...go for it!!
Robyn xx

MOLLY said...

Swooze--I have done lots of other crafts in my life, but only quilting these days and an occasional small project like a tote or Christmas ornament.

Eva said...

I am also a crochet-er as well as that I enjoy embroidery of varying sorts. I am teaching my two dds how to crochet at the moment, we are making Christmas trees as decorations for our own tree.

I particularly like redwork and deerield embroidery and have dabbled in a bit of silk painting as well.


Sarah Nopp said...

No! I forbid it! You are not allowed to finish anything else. You are to be a slacker like me and start piling up projects again. Starting Now! LOL

paula, the quilter said...

OK I'll confess too. I knit (but you probably knew that) and scrapbook. I will occasionally pick up an embroidery needle and will probably go back to that when this knitting frenzy is over (after all how many pairs of socks does one need?). I don't scrapbook much anymore because I have found that I can really only do 2 things and currently it is quilting and knitting.

tami said...

Oh man! I am a total multi-crafter. I have probably tried almost every craft out there. I have stuck with, and of course have all the supplies for, most of them. I didn't care much for stained glass and crochet so I gave away that stuff away, but my house is bursting at the seams with everything else I do.

Greenmare said...

this is a good plan! I used to do loads of cross stitch before I got bit by the quilting bug. finally I packed up my endless supply of organized DMC and books and mailed them to someone I knew who did cross stitch also. of course now I sort of wish I'd kept some of them. I had 4 of those big boxes with dividers for floss.

Vicki said...

Yes I am a multi crafter. I knit, some crochet, tatting, and starting some hooked rugs. I decided I don't like cross stitch or scrapbooking. I have only a couple of ufo's and one is in cross stitch. All other crafts aren't as time consuming so I tend to finish-maybe because they are portable and can be done in front of the TV in the evenings.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

What a great post! I'm a fabric basket (with clothesline) maker and a crochet person and I've been know to be an embroider person but I don't want to do that again... please stop me!

As for what I plan to finish... I'm putting a border on my latest Afghan. ;)

Quilt crazy said...

Yes, I too am a multi crafter...but quilting and scrapbooking are my two primary focuses. I do still cross stich, especially when traveling and needing a small project to take along. I would love to learn to knit and crochet, as my only experience was a disaster in girl scouts, way too many years ago. But for now, I am not allowing my self to even consider it...someday when I have more time...