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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Monroe Stash and a Late Stash Report

I bought a yard of puppy paw prints in black and white. I need to check myself as I have bought several dog related black and white pieces. Need to not overbuy.

I am in the hole -110.8 yards

Here is a pic of my Monroe stash.

I bought quite a bit of this while over here. There are at least 15 yards not in the pic. I am working with it on current projects. See all that Halloween on the bolt?? GULP!

I am sewing as fast as I can!!


tirane93 said...

oooh pretties!

Moira said...

Boy do I resemble this picture! And making it worse is the fact that I can get to part of my stash but have to drive 15 miles to the storage unit......

Quilter In Paradise said...

I see some Elvis down in the corner, what is the plan for that? Maybe you need an intervention! bring it all on saturday and we will help you!! LOL