Judy L's UFO Challenge

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Binding will begin tomorrow.



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Progress on One Monthly Goal

I've been quilting. Started out with free hand flowers. Added pebbling. Finally a diamond pattern. More pebbling. This repeats three times ending in a row of flowers.

Trying to grow my skills. Done is better than perfect.

Happy quilting!


Friday, July 07, 2017


Last quarter was not very successful. I only finished my shirt. So here is my entire list of UFOs.

Leanne at She Can Quilt hosts a Finish Along each quarter. You link to her blog, or one of the other hostesses, with a post about your proposed finishes.

1 Strip Stacks - purple borders
2 Strip Stacks - red border
3 Double Four Patch
4 tumbler
5 4 patch on point - black green pink
6 Avignon Picnic
7 Matchstick Marimba
8 Strip Stacks - green and pink
9 Renees navy top
10 Nancies Floral and White Blocks
11 Pieced together contest
12 Pink Poppy BQ
13 Bloomers
14 Garden Party - Bonnie Mystery
15 Wanderlust
16 Pfefferneusse
17 Baby BQ
18 Lazy Sunday
19 Strip Stacks - green and pink
20 Original Orca Bay
21 Rainbow Orca Bay
22 Stepping Stones
23 30's Dog prints
24 Happy Block Jean Quilt - Jason
25 Row by Row Quilt
26 Antique top to quilt
27 Garage Sale top to be quilted
28 Dizzy
29 Grand Illusion
30 Freeze Frame
31 Double Wedding Ring
32 Nancies 30's Red
33 Nancies 30's Green
34 Christmas Packages
35 Razzle Dazzle
36 Stepping Up - yellow lavendar
37 Awareness - red black
38 Hopscotch - yellow green
39 Red and White bow tie
40 Red and White Burgoyne Surrounded
41 Turquoise blocks
42 Crossroads
43 Renees yellow top
44 - ? Find and quilt all the charity quilts I have lingering here

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

July OMG

I have had this quilt top done for probably 7 years, maybe more. I have quite a few unquilted tops and really need to get them finished.

i loaded it on the frame last week but finally convinced myself today to get started.

I have the quilting design all drawn out so now it's a matter of executing.

My goal is to quilt and bind this quilt this month. I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the July OMG linkup.



Saturday, June 24, 2017

June OMG Finish

My goal was to finish the top for Crossroads.

I love this quilt and have a load of scraps to work with.

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts finish linkup.



Sunday, June 04, 2017

Wool Appliqué

Over the years I have collected wool applique patterns. I have never tried making one because I was afraid to ruin the wool. I had visions of jagged or frayed edges. When a wool applique class was offered at my local quilt store I jumped at the chance. They were offering a really cute pattern as a kit.

I showed up on the day with a few skeins of DMC floss, a package of embroidery needles and a pair of scissors. Everything else was provided. The instructor showed different methods of applique and provided the materials for each. She had a sample that had all the methods so you could feel the hand of the fabric and see the results. I went with the fusible using Heat N Bond.

She also had several types of scissors to try. She had Kay Buckley. I loved the feel of them in my hand but not the feel as I cut the wool. They did the job but when I tried the Fiskars Easy Action Micro Tip I fell in love with them. They cut smoothly and easily.

During class I managed to cut out the entire project and get all the fusing done. I had all the wool applique stitches done and only had backstitching of the letters and the embellishments left.

Here is the final project.

Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs. Hilarious!

The pattern can be found at Briar Root Primitives here.

It was a great class and I got over my fear of cutting into wool.



Saturday, June 03, 2017

Mini Quilt for Mesquite Quilt Show

The Mesquite Guild asked for mini quilts to be donated for silent auction to benefit the ROTC. The ROTC is going to be helping setup and take down the quilt racks for the show. The money raised will go to scholarships for ROTC students.

I finished this little mini back in January. I was just not pleased with it.

The binding was just not applied well and didn't match well. I tipped it off last week and applied a new one.

It was delivered today for the show on the 23rd and 24th of this month. I hope it raises a little money for the ROTC students.



Friday, June 02, 2017

June OMG

June? Really?

I've been doing well with achieving my goals with the One Monthly Goal, hosted by Patty at Elm Street Quilts, this year.

Here us my June goal. I am going to finish this quilt top. It is my Crossroads BOM that was hosted by my LQS, Wattafind. It was only 6 months long so not too drawn out. I am currently working on month 5 and ready to tackle month 6 with all the pieces for that row already assembled.

Here is where I left off.

Wish me luck! I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts.



Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May OMG Finished!

My goal for May was to make two flimsies from my row by row quilt and to finish my bandana shirt. You've already seen the two flimsies:

They will be quilted later on.

Tonight I finished my bandana shirt. The iriginsl pattern called for using 6 bandanas. While I was shopping I decided to make it reversible. 12 bandanas. This is one of my 2Q goals for the finish along.

I plan to wear it as a windbreaker on the motorcycle.

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts and She Can Quilt for 2Q FAL. My list if FAL goals is here.



Sunday, May 21, 2017

May OMG Part 2

Here is the second wall hanging. I was thinking I had cut the border a little too narrow but now that it's sewn I think it looks great.

Now onto the bandana shirt!



Saturday, May 20, 2017

Away Sewing

I've been working on this quilt pretty regularly at different venues over the last month or so. This is round five of six. I have a green solid border that I'm adding and actually have the two sides done already. The sixth round is more slab borders with another pieced border that goes at the top and bottom. Those borders are already made and will just need to be cut to size and attached.

This quilt is called Crossroads and is designed by Ashley Newcomb of Film in The Fridge.



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OMG Part 1

My goal is to make 2 wall hangings flimsies and finish my bandana shirt. Yesterday I decided to quit moping around and DO something sewing wise at home.

Here is wall hanging one. I quite like it.

Here is planned wall hanging two. I layed everything out to get a sense of size of borders. I am going to cut 3.5" strips for the borders to make the most of the backing I bought for it.

Hoping this little bit of activity will get me moving again.



Monday, May 08, 2017

Chronicles of Suzette

Yup. That's me. Suzette. Did you ever wonder why I was helping Sandra so much? Other than the fact I was unemployed with lots of free time on my hands? Well I am a bit of a clutterbug myself. I must admit I do hoard a bit in the fabric department. Reluctant to let things go and always accepting things from others. I do try to share with others as often as I can to keep it in check.

Rewind to last fall. My daughter moved out and I immediately took over her room creating a storage area for things like Christmas dishes, my sewing machine collection and tons of fabric! I setup my cutting table so that I could always leave it up. I was in heaven. Well a very messy cluttered heaven.

Over the past few weeks there had been trouble at her place. She easn't getting along with her roommate. He holds the lease. So no surprise she was asked to move out. She hurriedly tried to find a place. She found one and we thought things were going to work out. Then there was an incorrect negative item on her credit report. No choice. She moved back in with me last week while we get her report corrected.

I got home last Thursday and there she was with three helpers. We made a plan of where things would go and they started moving. Most of my stuff is now stacked in my living room behind my recliner so I don't have to see it, if I don't look. I made sure my sewing room didn't get totally blocked off and that I still have free access to my long arm.

By the next day she was all moved back into her room. I was once again surrounded by all my stuff.

I had plans to go sew at the church with my friends Friday night. This whole experience took a direct hit on my mojo. I got there and I was missing things from my sewing bag like pins and scissors. I had misplaced my final months kit for the BOM I'm working on so that weighed on my mind. I didn't bring the extra fabric from the month I was currently working on and needed a few things from it. It was just not a happy time. I persevered and managed to get one border side done and the majority of the second done.

I went home. Not relaxed nor energized. I sat in the middle of my stuff all weekend and never made a single stitch. I did manage to locate the missing kit. To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. I need to do something.

My plan tonight is to work on something for a short amount of time to try and get myself rolling again. It's been hard since I felt I had really made some progress on getting things under control. The clutter was way down. I will persevere.

Sorry this is such a downer post. Hopefully I'll have some quilty content soon.



Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Row Options

I've been considering the possibilities. Here are some additional options.

Clamshells with the beach scene. I love it just as it is with no additional borders. Will have to do more ripping and sewing on this.

I thought I would audition the splash or wave row with the umbrellas. I don't love this. I'll have to continue stewing on this for a bit.



Monday, May 01, 2017

Row by Row Destruct

I took my row by row apart. I have some rows still sewn together that I might group.

The armadillo row will be surrounded with bluebonnets more than likely.

The magician fish will probably be surrounded by a fireworks print I just bought. There will be words appliqued on it too.

Finally the umbrella row. I am not sure what to do with that one. I may play with the 30's prints used in the umbrellas.

Open to suggestions on any of these.

The remaining four rows are in two sections now. I'm seriously considering sewing them together. I have fabric that has starfish and other shells on it. I also have anchor fabric. I really need suggestions on what to do with these rows.

Please give your ideas!




As I was finishing up last months goal I started thinking about what I would work on this month. I even posted a list of potential "nexts". As I typed I thought how ridiculous it was that I had not finished my bandana shirt. I also got a response from one of my readers that knows I'm struggling with confidence on my longarm. She suggested I go with my row by row which will create lots of small projects that may help me get on my machine more.

So my goal is to finish my reversible bandana shirt.

To make the goal a little more of a stretch I'm also going to disassemble my row by row quilt and add borders to at least two of them to make wall hangings.

Join us at Elm Street Quilts and set an achievable goal. Then link up at the end of the month with your finish. You could win a prize! I have won a few times now.



Thursday, April 27, 2017

What's Next

I just finished my 3D bowtie quilt. Piecing it at least. I find myself at that point of deciding what's next.

Lately I have had a project I work on only when I go sew with friends. When I'm home sewing I have been working on a different project. The bowtie quilt was my home project so I'm trying to choose something that fits for my workspace.

What does that mean? I tend to do cutting of borders and major cutting away from home where I have a little more room to spread out. I could do these things at home but that would require me to clean off my cutting table. I'm still on lifting and bending restrictions so that will happen after that is over. Although I could enlist others to help me clean it up.

So what do I have on my very long list of projects in progress? There are many that just require quilting. I even have one on my machine. I really should just work on that and get more practice at quilting. My plan is to spend at least 15 minutes a day on quilting something to get me into that habit. I have some things that have piled up in front of the frame so another cleaning project. Again I coukd enlist others help.

Other piecing options are:
- Crossroads. My current away project
- Garden Party. Needs borders.
- Dizzy. Basically it needs a decision of whether I want to add borders
- Double 4 Patch. This one needs a good round of cutting then piecing
- Bandana shirt. I just need to hem the sleeves and waist then close the neck.
- Double Wedding Ring. I have all the pieced arcs. Need to cut the centers and melons. I am hoping my GO die matches the size of the arcs
- Row by row Quilt. I won a prize with this quilt but don't love it. I plan to cut it down and make wall hangings out of the rows

So you've just heard a whole bunch of excuses. What do you think my next home project should be?



Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April OMG is Finished!!

I went back to work on the 10th full time. Mix in with that two eye surgeries and a couple eye procedures. Then we have a little dog that misses me now that I'm gone all day so we've been sitting in our chair watching tv. I havent teally been working on my bowtie quilt.

Last night I pressed two sections of the quilt and sewed them together. In the process I made a fold in the seam. I left it figuring if I did the same to the second section I woukd fix them at the same time.

Today I gave myself a little talking to. I told myself it's ridiculous that I can't take the time to finish piecing this top together. After watching a recorded show and eating dinner I pressed and sewed the second section with ease. I quickly unpicked my troublesome seam on the first section and resewed it. I then sewed the two sections together.

I give you my finished 3D bowtie quilt top. My goal for my April OMG.

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.



Monday, April 24, 2017

Design Wall Monday

Last week I managed to get the last of the four quadrants sewn together for my 3D bowtie. I stopped there because I wanted to press them on the big board at the church Friday night. I only got one pressed and had to leave. Over the weekend I cleaned off my own ironing board and will press the remaining three quadrants and then assemble the top this week. This quilt top is my one monthly goal for April.

I'm linking up with Judy at Patchworktimes.



Sunday, April 16, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I've been working on my One Monthly Goal for April. I had rows of blocks pieced together when I set the goal. I figured out how big the quilt would be with the blocks i had at the point I purchased the UFO from the estate sale. I figured out how many blocks I would need to achieve my desired size then determined if i had enough fabric to make them.

Great news. I had enough. I cut the strips and then subcut them at a retreat a week ago. Over the past week I started making the blocks I needed completing them all today.

Because I made them in batches, I had enough blocks to make the remaining rows for two of the quadrants first. Saturday afternoon I completed the first.

Sunday morning I began working on the second quadrant. I was trying to hurry to finish it before company arrived.

Oops! I still had time to rip out the bad row and reattach it.

Better. After our Easter dinner with friends and family I decided to continue sewing. I finished the rest of the blocks then I sewed together the rows I had already made for the third quadrant. Three more rows to make and attach.

It looks like I'm on target to complete my goal this month.

I had a very small bleed in my surgical eye. I bent a little too far unintentionally and felt a little pop. Luckily it cleared up and did nit effect my vision. I have the right eye done Tuesday. This is the more troublesome of the two. I plan to be even more careful with this one during recovery.

Linking up with Patchworktimes for Design Wall Monday.



Friday, April 14, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Backsliding

I went to Sandra's house the Monday before my surgery last week. It was going to be my last chance at heavy lifting until after my cataract surgeries and recoveries. There were a few things i wanted to do and a few things Sandra wanted me to do.

i worked at these tasks and sat down to visit with her for awhile afterwards. She had eight large stacks of magazines on the floor. We talked about the fact that she could spend my recovery time going through those magazines and getting them all cleared out so that we can move onto other things in her home. She said yes she could take her time and work on them. I left hopeful that she would do just that and really conquer a lot of paper clutter in her home. I even mentioned that there were two totes full of bills and newsletters that she needed to go through and shred as she had time.

I have to admit it was a little sad when I left after I had been spending so much time with her knowing that I was going back to work and wouldn't get to see her quite as often. I think she felt the same and we took a long time to say our goodbyes and see you laters when I left.

Surgery happened. Post surgery happened. All went well. I asked Linda if she wanted to go and visit Sandra on Thursday. We went and picked up lunch and took it to her. We arrived to her quickly bagging up the magazines in small batches and putting them in her wagon so that she could take them out to the patio. She probably exclaimed she was trying to get them all outside so that we would be surprised at how good things are looking there. I was a little bit dismayed because I was hoping she would go through them and get rid of them that way rather than stash them somewhere. Linda helped her get those that she had bagged up outside and she put them away but the rest sat there while we visited and had lunch. We visited and talked about her goal of going through one bag a week and we suggested that maybe she should go through a couple bags a day. I of course made my inspection rounds. She is clinging tightly to keeping her laundry area clear. Sadly there are things starting to line up in the hall. We left and said our goodbyes again talking about the fact that I was returning to work the following Monday and that my visits would be fewer.

I have seen Sandra socially a few times since that visit and have talked her on the phone a few times as well. Most recently she proudly returned one of the totes I gad taken over there for her to keep her things in until she can go through them. She described how she emptied one of her totes so she could transfer the things. My interpretation is there is a bigger mess now. My last conversation made me hopeful. She happily described all the things she had bagged up ready to go out the door to family members she is seeing at Easter. She also has some quilty items ready to go out as well. I have accupuncture once a week near her house. I plan to stop in afterwards each week to see how I can help. I can't wait until May when my restrictions
from surgery are lifted.



Sunday, April 09, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I went to a day retreat at my local quilt store on Sunday. It went from 10 AM to 6 PM but I had to stop around 4:30 because I just ran out of steam.

When I sew outside of my house I like to do cutting of strips because I typically have more room and I like to work on things that require a little more precision using my Singer 301.

While I was at the retreat I cut the rest of the pieces that I need for my 3-D bow tie quilt. I don't mind sewing that one at home on my Janome. I also worked on my Crossroads quilt. I prefer to work on this one on my 301 because it has very small pieces and I can be very accurate on that machine.

Crossroads is a 6 month BOM. I managed to finish the fourth month/round today. The fifth month/round has a bunch of churndash blocks. It's going to take a good bit of time to get this round complete.

We had really good food at the retreat and also a really fun time. Would anyone like to buy a vowel?

I'm linking up with Judy at Patchworktimes.



p.s. My first eye surgery was a success. I'm preparing for the next one on the 18th. Also starting my new job tomorrow.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Second Quarter 2017 Finish Along

Rhonda at Rhonda's Ramblings hosts a Finish Along each quarter. You link to her blog, or one of the other hostesses, with a post about your proposed finishes.

My goal this year is to be a finisher. There are two UFO challenges I participate in. To prepare for those I listed 12 I really wanted to get finished this year. Those will be the main focus of this quarter along with some smaller items.

1 Strip Stacks - purple borders
2 Strip Stacks - red border
3 tumbler
4 4 patch on point - black green pink
5 Avignon Picnic
6 Matchstick Marimba
7 Strip Stacks - green and pink
8 Renee's navy top
9 Nancie's Floral and White Blocks
10 Pieced together contest
11 Pink Poppy BQ
12 Bandana shirt
13 Turquoise blocks
14 Ricci's quilt
15 3D Bowtie
16 Double 4 patch
17 - ? Find and quilt all the charity quilts I have lingering here

15 and 16 require piecing. The rest need to be quilted and bound.

Wish me luck!


Chronicles of Sandra The Patio

Linda, Nick and I went to Sandra's Saturday a.m. My plan was to have Linda sit with Sandra while Nick and I worked on the patio. Nate was supposed to join us but he was a no show.

Sandra's talk of just letting all the magazines go was just that. Talk. Linda sorted through one large stack while Sandra sorted through other paper. Linda acted as a gopher for us coming and grabbing more things from me to take to sort or bringing me trash bags or whatever else.

Nick helped totally clear out the far end of the patio that I was not able to do. Too much heavy lifting. We got things cleared out on that end then Nick went through with the blower to get all the bits and pieces off the floor. At that point we put back what was staying. There is now a clear path all the way through.

A lot of consolidation happened. We got rid of beaten up boxes and rehomed things into sealed totes. Sandra and I had discussed baskets and she agreed they no longer worked in her home. We found at least a dozen on the patio and took them straight to the truck to go. She let go of a broken wooden chair and a small decorative wicker couch. These things were taking up a lot of space!

Still too much stuff out there but the trash is gone. Large unwanted items are gone. I only found a few more magazines out there. I'm hoping we have reached the end of those but I'm sure there are more lurking in the other rooms.

Now that the flow of paper will slow down I think Sandra will be seeing great progress in her living room.

We talked yesterday about what's next. I only have today for any heavy lifting for awhile. I'm having cataract surgery tomorrow and then on the 18th. Lifting and bending restrictions come with it. I'll be out of commission for the rest of April.

Let's add to this that I have been unemployed since October. I got a job offer and go back to work on the 10th. Any more time I spend there will be on the weekends and for shorter periods of time. I will probably be taking people with me as they are available to make as big an impact as I can. I think Sandra is closer to being able to work on things herself. Just a little more work and she'll be there.

Ill leave you with this little treasure I found on the patio. Sandra, 10, is on the left and Grace, 12, is on the right. Sandra told me her Dad used to carry this picture set with him whenever he travelled. What a sweet story. It is safely inside the house now. Whenever I talk to Grace she thanks me profusely for helping Sandra. I'm just glad Sandra allowed me to.



Saturday, April 01, 2017

April OMG

Here's a recycled photo of my 3D bow tie. I'd like to get it to completed top stage.

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts and the April OMG goal setting post.



Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Find of the Century

When we started I was dumping out tote bags and searching for a camera. I have been there for almost 2 months now and not seen the camera. And of course as we have worked a long list of things have been added to my list of things to be on the lookout for. I told Sandra that I was feeling bad that I wasn't finding the things that she was wanting found.

Today I was out on the patio organizing the things out there trying to locate all the paper related to quilting. I have been trying to be very methodical about going through everything as a come to it. She has a rolling walker with a walker bag on it and I kept pushing it back and forth out of my way. I don't know why it popped into my head but I decided I need to go through that walker bag to see what she had in there. And lo and behold there was her camera. She has no memory of putting it in there. She started calling people so that she could share her excitement of having her camera again. I overheard her telling them she needs to put five dollars in an envelope for me to find to keep me motivated to finish the job. That just makes me laugh. The list of objects to find still remains long enough so I feel adequately motivated.

I know Sandra is growing tired of me finding magazine up on magazine but I reminded her that she was the one that brought it into the house one by one and that was how It was going to have to go out. I have invited Linda to come back to help her do a quick sort through the stacks so that we can get them out of her living room. Sandra told me today she's about ready to just tell us to take them all and not even look at them but I know she's not going to stick with that.

She did take a suggestion of mine which was to take the things that she has been bagging up for family members and put them in her trunk to both save space in her house and also to have everything ready when she saw them so that she could pass them along. I look forward to seeing Sandra on Saturday to continue to get things sorted and going out the door so that we can move on to other types of things to sort through.

As as an aside. When I was at the Dallas Quilt Show I had a vendor try to entice me into subscribing to two magazines for two years in order to get a free totebag. I just stood there in stunned silence. If I never saw another magazine of tote bag I think I might be ok with that!

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Taming the Paper Dragon

Nick, Nate and I snuck over to Sandras one day. She had talked and talked about getting the leaves behind her fence cleaned up because they were trapping a lot of trash that was blowing down from the neighbors. She had mentioned that she had gotten a citation or two and was really frustrated by that. In a matter of 30 minutes we managed to get all the leaves picked up and bagged up in about 10 large lawn bags. We tried to scrape all the dirt that had accumulated and push it into a ditch made by the trash truck.

We left a good bit of dirt that was hard packed to the ground but with all the rain that we have gotten I'm hoping that it has loosened up and when we return the guys will be able to get it scraped up and pushed off into that same ditch.

I didn't tell her what we had done and I have been over there at least three times now since. She didn't mention that the leaves were gone so I told her I saw that someone had stolen all her leaves. She kept telling me how she needed to go thank the neighbor for removing the leaves. I saw her today and asked her if she got around to thanking her neighbor and she told me no. Linda was with us and I kept giving Sandra hints that I knew all about the leaves but she just wasn't getting it. Linda was in on the secret and was laughing so hard. I told Linda to go ahead and break it to her but she wouldn't. Finally I just showed Sandra the picture shown above but she still didn't get it. I finally just told her that we took bagged the leaves. She told me she was glad I had told her because she would've been embarrassed if she had thanked the neighbor and the neighbor didn't know what she was talking about.

For the last two visits I have been focusing on her enclosed patio. I've been trying to get all the magazines and paper into her house for her to address. She's getting faster going through the magazines but I know that she's getting sick and tired of it as well. I told her that once we got through all the paper that we could start doing fun things like sewing and cutting. She seemed to perk up a little bit at that suggestion. She bought herself a new spool of thread when she was out with me and Linda today and said that she's looking forward to sewing again which was a change from last week when she was saying she may never make another quilt. I told her she could always make the blocks and she would have plenty of help to assemble the top.

I'll be going over there a couple more times this week and plan to take Nick and Nate with me on Saturday to do some heavy lifting and rearranging. I think with some of the changes I have in mind that we will be able to really start making a difference in the bedrooms that we couldn't make a dent in before.

Stay tuned! We are chipping away at it and hopefully we will be calling more areas done soon!



Saturday, March 25, 2017

3-D Bow Tie Play

I chose a layout and decided to make as big a top as I could with the blocks already made. I'm aiming for 110" square. I'm at 70"x80". I used the white on white I had from Writers Block for the plain squares. I am out of that now.

I need 212 more blocks. Half bow ties and half plain. I only have a 2 yard piece of WOW left from making the bow ties. I'll make the 106 blocks needed from the fabric originally used for the bow ties then introduce a third WOW.

Here is what I have so far. I'm hoping the different WOWs will blend together ok.

This was another partially made quilt that I bought at an estate sale last year. This will be my main piecing project at home until it's a top.



Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Slow Progress

I've only been to Sandra's twice in the past two weeks. She asked for a weeks break and then we had the Dallas Quilt show. She sits at the ovarian cancer awareness booth there the entire event and it's pretty exhausting for her. She emphatically told me she did not want me to come to the house last week because she was too tired.

By Thursday she called me and asked if she could have a do over. This made me chuckle. I told her I could come that day for a few hours or the next day for as long as she needed. She is not known for getting up early. She started to ask me to call her when I woke up in the morning but caught herself. She asked when I got up and I told her between 5 and 6. She asked me to call at 8 lol.

We have been working on putting things away from her living room that she has sorted through. I thought it was helpful to bring things out to her to sort when I wasn't there. I just overestimated the volume she could deal with and have totally overwhelmed her.
I'll have to find the balance to motivate her but not let it seem like too much.

Yesterday we were doing more putting away. She has a friend visiting from out of town. Her friend loves to quilt and asked Sandra for some tops to quilt. One of the tops needed a little more work that involved painting and drawing. When I left Friday I was concerned about her finding what she needed to finish that quilt and also find her backings, bindings and battings. Amazingly she had done just that. I helped her cut her backings and did find one more batt for her. I also did my usual put away, tidy.

One of the things Sandra wanted to do was vacuum her living room before we cut backings on it. She did not want me to vacuum so I had to make myself busy while she did the job. She also had to take her pills and so on. It was a long process. So while she was at it I stepped out onto her patio. She mentioned there was a missing shirt and wondered if there were more clothes on her screened in patio.

I started by straightening up her open covered patio. I found paper items out there that would ruin if we got a hard rain storm. I consolidated things into closed containers and got rid of trash. I did find a big tote full of new sweatshirts that had the tags on them still. She already has a large quantity inside also unworn. I asked her to consider donating or selling those outdoors. She is reluctant to let them go. I think she feels a little ashamed to have so many that have been forgotten.

Next I went to work on her enclosed patio. I did find another tote of clothes but no shirt. I took anything that wasn't a jacket or sweatshirt in to her to be laundered and hung up. There is still quite a bit of quilt stuff on her patio. I think the best I can do out there is consolidate and protect what is there until she is ready to deal with it. I did carry in a few arm loads of books and magazines. There are certain things I know she will let go and things I know she will hang onto. Once I sorted out her keepers and goers I added the rest of her to be sorted pile. I stopped there and went back inside.

I spent the rest of my time helping her select and cut her backings. I packaged up each quilt in its own bundle. I packed her donation pile, tidied up and we stopped there.

As I do each time I visit, I check the areas that we have already cleaned up to see if she is piling up again. She has really maintained a lot better than I thought she would. I see things creeping out in some places but so far they have been small things that she can easily move herself. I just remind myself it is her home not mine and that I am there in a support role to help her accomplish her goals. It is difficult to hear her say she doubts she will make many more quilts yet she is unwilling to let go of any of the thousands of yards of fabric she has.

Any suggestions for me?



Saturday, March 18, 2017

Not a Block of the Month Fan

I don't really care for BOMs. I usually see them and just think meh. Long and drawn out and if I get the urge to finish it I can't if everything hasn't been released yet.

Then I saw Crossroads. This one was like a round robin and had such crazy colors to it. It was only six months long. I accumulated all 6 months before I started.

Month one had me making 3" churndash blocks. I started out on my Janome 6500 but wasn't getting the precision I needed so I switched to my Singer 301.

Month two found me adding some chunky borders then a seriously skinny border. Month three had me cutting some chunky pluses then cutting them on the diagonal to make them wonky. That was followed by a chunky border then an even skinnier border.

While cutting this round I realized our kit was short some fabric. I hurried over to Wattafind and they remedied the situation. Before finishing this months kit I cut month four to make sure it wasn't short as well.

I'll be cutting the last two months this week because I would hate to get to the end to find out I was short somewhere else and all the fabric was gone from the quilt store!

Stay tuned for rounds four thru six!



Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here is the Purple One

Should I go buy the rose color and overdye my overdye?

Here they are together. Purple on the left.

I wrote on the selvedge so I know which is which but otherwise I think they're indistinguishable.



Overdye Experiment

A friend gave me a roll of fabric. When I saw it I liked the print but the pink background was meh. I thought I'm going to take this and try overdying it to a plum color.

i started googling about the process and found sights that showed base colors, dre colors used and the results. While researching this I realized the pattern was going to take on color too. I decided to forge ahead before I chickened out. I decided to go with a blue.

i was at Walmart and decided to see what they had in the way of dye. I found a royal blue. I decided if I was going to experiment why not go for it. I also picked a purple.

The instructions say to use steaming hot water in a bucket and stir constantly for 15 minutes. Then occasionally for 45 minutes. Too much trouble! I threw the dye and salt in my top loader on bulky setting. After it dissolved, which was almost immediately, I added the fabric and let it agitate for 15 minutes. I stopped the cycle and turned the machine off and on every 15 minutes for 45 minutes. I let the cycle finish then washed and dried the fabric.

Here are my results. The original is on the right.

As I was typing this I thought a rose color would have been fun to try. Next time. I'll come back later and show the purple.



Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Writers Block OMG Finish

I finished piecing this quilt Monday night and cut and applied the borders yesterday. The pattern is from a 2007 magazine. The suggested cutting of the border made me question my piecing. Luckily I met with my sewing group yesterday and was able to go over the math and dimensions with a friend. The directions suggest cutting the border at 80" and trimming to fit. The actual length needed was 4-5 inches shorter. After I confirmed my piecing was accurate I cut my borders.

I am working on another quilt that I get better piecing results on my Singer 301, my travel machine, so I switched over to that for the rest of my sewing session. When I got home last night I applied those borders.

This quilt is my March OMG. I'm very happy to have it done with plenty of time to spare.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I was sewing and pinning and pinning and sewing. While pinning something didn't seem right. I opened the pieces a little for a peek. It seemed ok so I ignored that nagging feeling attributing it to pinning two different block sets together. I even went back to the one again and convinced myself it was ok.

it was getting late so I decided to sew until the show I was watching ended. I sewed two sets only to realize my bobbin ran out in the last three inches of the first set. I had a new bobbin, already wound, in and continued sewing. When I got through the sets I opened them to check them all. There it was! I had pinned something wrong.

I threw the offending piece aside and pinned the rest. My show came to an end so I queued up something else. When I finally stopped I had two completed rows, the wrong piece repinned and everything setup to resume sewing this a.m.

All the sashing pieces are done. I have access to a large cutting table tomorrow so I'd like to get my center done so that I can get the final border cut and ready to attach.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Writers Block Progress

More sashing done.

I've been at the Dallas quilt show for two days so not sewing as much.



Thursday, March 09, 2017

Writers Block

I've been steadily piecing on this quilt. I have the centers of all the blocks done and now have to sash them. I have some of those components done so it should be pretty smooth sailing.

Maybe I'll have the center done this weekend.



Monday, March 06, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Books and Busywork

Linda, my and Sandra's mutual friend, picked me and Eunice up yesterday afternoon. We went to Sandra's with the plan to work on sorting all her books. I was pleased to see that Sandra had already brought some out and had begun sorting them. Linda sat with her and they sorted together. I made myself busy by carrying out the rest of the books.

Eunice came to have something to do so instead of her standing around I asked her to tidy the kitchen. The thought of this task was even daunting to me. The cabinets are full, the drawers are full and the counters and table are covered. I suggested to Eunice that she take everything off a counter and then put back what she thought belonged there. She asked a few questions and I sent her to Sandra a couple of times with her requests. Amazingly that girl made the kitchen look a lot better. Clear, open spaces. She found where the food items were stored and got everything put away.

We managed to get through a large portion of the books and magazines. Those we left were ones Sandra needed more time to go through. Eunice carried the goers out to the truck.

While Linda and Sandra finished tidying and visiting I took Eunice back to the sewing room. Sandra had made a comment that she wished she could get to her machine to sew after I had blocked the entrance again trying to make the living room look neater. I had Eunice move most of the stuff to the guest room. It has to go somewhere and I left that decision to Sandra.

Both Eunice and I went to inspect previously cleared areas. I can tell signs of things moved around but Sandra is keeping areas cleared out. All this activity is tiring her out so we are taking at least a week long break. If you can't tell already I'll be mentally clearing out spaces.

It's just time to let go of the good stuff....



Design Wall Monday March 6

In between my decluttering efforts both at Sandra's and here at home I've been sewing on my Writers block. I have all the small units pieced and am currently assembling them into larger units.

Here is the center of one of the blocks. There are only 12 of these units.

Here is a finished sashing unit. There are 5 of these. I am actively working on these then will move to the sashing units that go between the blocks vertically.

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