Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My UFOs and Judy's Challenge

Since I last posted I have been digging through boxes and trying to setup house. I have had friends over helping me with setup. I had things in their general location. With the help of friends we tweaked things to bring a little more organization to several areas.

In this process I have located many flimsies. I went to see which UFOs had been selected for Judy l's challenge. At this point I cannot licit two of them. I do have one UFO that needs borders and I luckily found that fabric with it. I will take that to the church sew-in to work on as the borders have to be cut length of fabric.

Yesterday I found a tote that had some PIGs in it and several jelly rolls. I also went on another hunt and located my power cord for my main sewing machine. Happiness!! I think the next steps are to get all my tools together and start locating the fabrics needed to work on my UFOs. Well, I know where they are, I just have to get to them!

Sorry for the lack of pics. I will make up for it next time.