Judy L's UFO Challenge

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Garden Party

But it's no party.  I've been cranking out quilts with pieces in the 2.5 to 3.5 " range.  Because I'm trying to finish UFOs I dug one out and chose Garden Party by Bonnie Hunter.  This quilt has 200 blocks with 17 pieces each.  The strip sizes are all 1.5.  I'm currently working on the 81 sashed nine patch blocks.  Then I'll work on the half blocks that serve as side setting triangles and corners.

For comparison I'm showing an almost complete nine patch block against my last quilt block.  5.5" versus 8.5" with the latter only having 5 pieces.

It's gotta be done eventually so why not now?

Just adding the last piece top and bottom which will have a cornerstone.  I only need 202 of those pieces!



Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tumbler Quilt Topped

There was an impromptu sew-in at Wattafind yesterday in Mesquite.  I had to add borders to a quilt and love going to these events for this activity because I can spread out on their tables rather than crawling on the floor or working on my bed.  

I am always overconfident in what I can accomplish in these short periods of time.  I took three items to work on but my tumbler quilt was my priority.  How long do you think it takes to add two simple borders to a small quilt?  I know about when I got to the store and when I left.  I was there around 3.5 hours.  There was a little time visiting but not that much.  So it took at least three hours.  All my strips were precut too.  Wow!

Well here it is!

I used fabric samples my mother had bought in a garage sale for the colored pieces.  The white or neutrals were all from my scrap bag.  The borders were cut from yardage in my stash.  I bought this fabric last year or earlier this year on a very good sale.  The pieces were all cut on my AccuQuilt GO Cutter.  I enjoyed making this quilt and plan to make another tumbler quilt soon.



Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Another Flimsy Finish

II took a class a week ago on machine binding.  I learned a few great tips.  One of which is an app by Robert Kaufman called QuiltingCalc.  It has lots of great calculators in it.  One is figuring number of strips to cut for your binding.  The other is sizes to cut your side and corner setting triangles.  

I misread it and only cut the side triangles in half rather than quarters.  I love how it finished my quilt.  In fact I decided to NOT add a border because I loved how it floated.  I did have to recut my corners to make them larger but I love this top!

The little four patches were purchased at a retreat in Witchita Falls last year.  It was a 50 cent bag of squares.  I sewed the 4 patches last year.  I also had a bolt of this great blue fabric that I bought for $1 a yard.  So far I have about $2 invested in this quilt and I LOVE it!

I was planning to donate it but a fb friend or two commented on it.  It may end up gifted to one of them.


Sunday, June 05, 2016

Vicki Welsh's UFO Challenge

Vicki has us account for our UFOs each month.  I remembered one more.

I finished 3 small quilts so far this year plus 7 of my new starts.  6 were microwave bowls.

Starting UFO 37  + 1 found
Finished YTD 3
Started YTD 12
Finished New Starts 7
Ending UFO 35

How are you doing with your projects?


Wednesday, June 01, 2016

June OMG Goal Setting

As I was finishing up my May OMG I began thinking about what I would do for June.  I took a quilt from a coworker wth the intent to repair it.  I have most of the repairs complete so now I'll quilt and bind it.

Where you see the gold that is the inside of the quilt.

The binding was split.

The backing was a sheet and a blanket.

Fiber from the inside breaking down.

This was the "batting".  A sheet, a blanket and what appears to be an embroidered shirt.  I had hope to use this to repair the top but it was too fragile and tore way too easily.

Here is the repair thus far.  I have to replace the lavender piece on the side then layer and quilt it.  I'll square it up once it's quilted.

Click here to head over to Red Letter Quilts to see what everyone else plans to accomplish in June.


Feedsack Patches - Another Q2 Finish

I finished another little quilt.  This one measures 37x48.  The kit was gifted to me when I had my house fire in 2012.  I sewed it up a year or two later.  I quilted it within the past 6 months.  It's time arrived to be finished!  My current plan is to donate it.  

This was on my list of Q2 finish goals.  Mission accomplished.

More in progress.