Judy L's UFO Challenge

Thursday, March 07, 2019

March OMG

I decided at the last minute to join in with Patty at Elm Street Quilts for the March One Monthly Goal linkup.  What’s the harm if I don’t meet my goal.  The goal last month was to get the borders on this quilt.  As you can see I got the borders attached but what you can probably not see is the corners are not quite done.  At this point I’m thinking there will be a lot of handwork to finish these.  I’m going to try to machine finish one corner to see how it goes.

I have been away from the blog for a bit.  I have been feeling overwhelmed with work.  We are having to learn a new software tool.  It’s been a huge uphill struggle.  This past week I had a breakthrough in my understanding and use of this tool.  I’m no expert but I am able to independently get things done.  This gives me such relief and makes me happy.

So in the evenings reading blogs, much less writing blog posts, was far from my mind.  I read emails and sewed.  That was about it.  I got lots of sewing done.  I’ll share some of these things in the coming days and weeks.

Tomorrow I am heading to the Dallas Quilt Show.  I’m not really in the market for anything specific.  I’m going to spend time there with a new friend.  She has extra activities planned before and after the show.  It should be interesting.

Did you miss me?  I look forward to catching up with you over the coming days.