Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Cobbler’s Children

You know the story how the cobblers children don’t have shoes?  He was so busy making shoes for his customers he didn’t have time to make shoes for his family.

I found myself tightly ensconced in the role of a cobbler’s child.  I have time to repair quilts for others but not repair my own.  The very first quilt I made was given to my mother.  When it started to wear she put it away.  I inherited that quilt back when she passed away.  I always had intentions of fixing it but never seemed to get around to the task.

This past weekend I bundled it up and took it to the church.  I picked out all the quilting and hung it up to find the spots needing repair.  When you look at the picture you can see blue painters tape in two spots.  There are 5 spots in all.  Three need the seam resewn and the other two need a strip replaced.

Now that I have it to this point it will be a lot easier to work on it.  I made all the rookie mistakes.  Sewed with a 5/8” seam, not enough quilting for the batting.  Maybe not all but I hope I’ve improved.  In the process of my ongoing stash organization I came across the matching fabric!  Serendipity.

What are you putting off doing for yourself that you readily do for others?  Time to make yourself a priority!

Happy quilting.


Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Folding Frenzy

I’m still at it.  I’ve been folding in color categories until now but have slipped into categories.  This will make it easier for me to find what I want.  I have decided what my space limitations are and when those areas are full I’m going to become very generous with my friends.  It’s been easy to run across pieces and say “I don’t want to work with this anymore.”  Out they went! There are a few groupings that I’ve decided once I make a quilt or three then out it goes.  That will take longer than just giving it away but I may do some kitting to get the bulk of it out.

Above I have batiks, Christmas, winter, fall and orientals.  I have an empty shelf and believe me I will fill it.  I’m going to do some shuffling in and out of my color racks and this space will allow for expansion.

Here I have novelties with animals and novelties without.  My holiday fabrics landed here.  I have florals, patristics and solids.  Time will tell if this arrangement works.

Remember my goal is to not have a quilt house.  I’m still a few weeks away but I can see the goal is possible!

How are things going in your sewing world?