Judy L's UFO Challenge

Saturday, January 27, 2018

From Sunrise to Sunset

I sewed and trimmed and sewed. I had a pile of half chevrons that were half trimmed. It took 1.5 hours to finish the trimming.

I started making the chevrons then joining them together into borders. Once I got the borders made I had to figure out how to turn the corner. It took me at least 5 hours to get to this point.

I made my corners and started attaching everything to the center. I had a plan up until this point but now I’m starting to rethink my plan. I will take a break to think and plan some more.

Hope you sewed today!


Friday, January 26, 2018

Cut. Press. Trim. Rinse and Repeat

I have all the units sewn. Half are trimmed to their final size with one a .25” short. I’ll finish trimming and address that last.

I have an all day sit and sew Saturday. This quilt will be my focus for the day. I will have a backup project in case I finish or get bored. 🤣🤣
How goes your sewing and quilting?


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cut a Little Sew a Little

I’m trying to not over make units for my chevron row. After I sewed what I had cut I inventoried and cut a little more. Still a little more cutting then my units will be done!

I started this quilt on New Years Eve and is my highest number UFO.

Are you sewing?


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Round 2 and a Win

I have round 2 of Ray’s quilt under construction.

The buckskin color really draws out the light brown in the first round. My initial design called for this row to have three colors but I decided to simplify.
I am already thinking ahead to the third and fourth round. I have to plan how I want to turn the corners and that will decide round three.
I also had a win. It is a cute little FQ bundle that Sarah Goer picked for a lucky winner. Me!! I landed on her blog because of reading about the temperature quilt sew along. Visit Sarah here.

What quilty things are you up to?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Round 1

I’ve been working on Ray’s quilt. Round 1 was applied. Needs a good pressing. I have the overall plan for his quilt just need cutting sizes. I’ve been sketching and planning round 2. Pretty sure I have it figured out.

If you enlarge the photo you can see the brown looks like tooled leather.

I took a little time to pull out the 12 quilts on my FAL list. The flimsies are all now together with their designated back if I have one. 1 needs repair. All the bad spots are marked. 3 are in the piecing stage. 5 have their backings ready to go. Now to pull thread, cut batting and binding and get busy quilting!

How are you doing qith your quilting goals?


Sunday, January 07, 2018

UFO and Finishing Challenges

I started this year with 50 UFOs. The majority are unquilted tops. As I mentioned before I made a list of 12 quilts that I’d really like to finish this year. I am also using that list for the first quarter finish along.
One challenge I haven’t mentioned is the Stashbuster UFO Challenge. Each month, one the ladies chooses a number between 1-12 and then a high number between 13 and 100. If you don’t have 100 some just work on their highest number or make a free choice. For most of last year and starting this year I mostly worked on my high number. The goal is to finish one or both in the month.
Stashbuster 2 is my Matchstick Marimba which is also my January OMG.

Stashbuster 79 is my high number 50. This is a quilt I’m designing around this panel I bought for Ray for Christmas with the promise of a quilt.

Just for fun I have my Border Creek Station mystery offered by my LQS that I’m trying to get and stay caught up on.

I have spent some time on each of these this week. I’ve been planning the quilting design for Matchstick Marimba. I’ve been designing Ray’s quilt and made the first cuts. I did a little more piecing on the mystery quilt. I’m not caught up but I know where I need to catch up.
How are your quilty goals coming along?

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

1Q FAL and Prairie Moon 2017 Final Countdown Challenge

When the FAL challenge comes around I have been laundry listing all my UFOs. Sort of cheating really. Not very thoughtful about what I really hope to accomplish. Then Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts had her 2017 Final Countdown challenges. The third challenge is to make a list of 12 quilts you really hope to finish in 2018. In other words, a call to be thoughtful about what you want to accomplish.

Here is my list no particular order.

1) Carleens Matchstick Marimba
2) Double Four Patch
3) Strip Stacks - green and pink
4) Mystery Quilt LQS
5) Renees navy top
6) 4 patch on point - black green pink
7) Happy Block Jean Quilt - Jason
8) Pieced together contest
9) Double Wedding Ring
10) Renees yellow top
11) tumbler
12) Rays Horse Quilt
13) Any charity quilt I have languishing here for FAL purposes.

Most of these are unquilted tops. 3 are in beginning stages of piecing. 2 need to be checked over for popped seams and then quilted.

Quilting is my stumbling block but I’m trying to get over that. I am linking with Shelly at the above link for her challenge and Leanne at She Can Quilt for 1Q FAL 2018.



Monday, January 01, 2018

January OMG

Time to declare my January OMG. I will finish my second Matchstick Marimba. It needs to be quilted and bound.

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.