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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Scrappy Mountain Majesties

I have all my blocks made and sewed them into pairs. I am bad about reading to a point and stopping where I should have read just a sentence or two more and I would have saved myself some work. I layed them all out and wish I hadn’t sewn them into pairs.

I like the last layout the best but I lost the variety by pairing them together. If I do go with this layout I will have to take apart 4 of the pairs to achieve the pattern. I think I’ve already decided they need to all come apart to reintroduce the randomness.

I can see making this quilt again all in one color. In fact I could even make a red, white and blue version. So many possibilities!

I’ll be making another plaid quilt very soon but not of this pattern. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Last Day of Retreat

Yesterday was it. Back to the grind today! I spent the morning sewing more of my Scrappy Mountain Majesties blocks. I have 32 blocks total to make. My neutral is all the same. The rest are an assortment of colors. I have 13 pairs of HST to go which will yield one block per pair. 17 blocks are done so that means I am short somewhere. That explains the extra color squares I have! 18 blocks to go!

I did take a few things that I never touched. I was only disappointed about not getting to one of them. Nothing urgent. It’s pieced borders for my Saturday Sampler that I just completed block 7 of.

Lesson learned from this retreat. I have two projects that I couldn’t complete because I didn’t bring extra fabric. I had cut ahead and for one didn’t cut enough to bring, for another I had not calculated the right width strip and didn’t want to cut them all down in order to make my planned block. That resulted in a bonus quilt! So do cut ahead just bring extra in case of a math error!

We packed up and left. It had rained all weekend and was a little dicey on some of the unfamiliar back country roads. Going was worse than coming home. We took the road less travelled and went through some small towns off the beaten path.

I will share more about our adventures in a later post.

Where is your favorite retreat place?


Monday, September 24, 2018

Retreat Day 2

Testerday we were at it all day long. Hete are some pictures.

Mary Quicky Strippy

Three bindings

Started Rail Fences (need more fabric)

Selvedge Tree (need more fabric)

Scrappy Mountain Majesties

I started this one in the a.m. It’s going to take awhile to fonish. I’ll be working on this today.

Here are some pictures of where we are retreating in Quitman Texas.

Made some new friends made too! There were rules though.

Happy day to you!


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Retreat Day 1

Started the day with a memorial service for a lovely friend that I know through church sewing and guild. I will miss her terribly. I had taken up the habit of taking photos at quilt shows for her as she was home bound. I would go to her house and we would have show and tell.

We arrived at tbe retreat center about 4 hours after everyone else. When we walked in they told us the power had been out and just came back on right before we arrived.

So far I made a Mary’s Quick Strippy, 3 bindings and added 2 sides of borders. Didn’t bring enough fabric to finish it. I’m about to start working on a rail fence. Tomorrow will be dedicated to my Scrappy Mountain Majesties.

Pics tomorrow.


Thursday, September 20, 2018


That is what I should be saying to my desire to add more and more to my list of things I’d like to work on this weekend. I have one full day and two half days to sew.

If I try to narrow it down to the things I really want to get done the list is still too long! How do I decide? I really want to sew all the things!

Two BIG projects are borders for the Saturday Sampler I’m working on. Lot’s of cutting and piecing there. Then there is the Scrappy Mountain Majesties that I’ve started cutting. I have several little things too. Piecing together bindings, adding borders to small items, cutting and sewing a Mary’s Strippy and cutting for some Project Linus quilts.

There’s more. In fact I borrowed an idea from Glen and have all the pieces cut for that. I think I’ll slip that in too.

Any bets on how much I’ll get done? 4 new tops, add borders, make borders, 3 bindings.

Here’s one I’ll be adding borders to.

I have sewing at church tomorrow so will be getting a jump start there!


Saturday, September 15, 2018


I went to Jo-Anns with my friend who was searching for fabric for the Hocus Pocus quilt being done in the fandom stitches blog. I went for moral support.

I wandered off for some reason and encountered Halloween fabric for licensed characters. They had Nightmare before Christmas, which my daughter loves.

Of course I had to look for something for my son. I saw Pokemon fabric and was heavily considered it. But then I spotted it! Star Wars fabric with Halloween chibi charactures. It features Darth Vader as a skeleton and R2D2 as a ghost.

Of course this all sent me scurrying back to the other Halloween fabric to find an appropriate flange and cuff.

Here they are with at least six weeks to go til Halloween!

Both kids liked them so I am happy!

Are you making anything Halloween themed?


Friday, September 14, 2018

What Came First? The Pattern or the Scrap?

I am trying to figure out how to use my scraps. I am stuck in figuring out the perfect pattern mode.

I pulled out a bunch of red strips with the intent of using them to start log cabin blocks with. While I dug through, lots of thoughts churned through my head.

First of all, digging through the scraps is very inspiring. So do play in them. Digging through your patterns is very inspiring to the point of overwhelming.

My son asked for a purple quilt so I suggested Shakespear in the Park. He accepted. My daughter asked for a Halloween quilt. I plan to make that in all half hexies. While looking through patterns I saw Jamestown Landing and I have eanted to make that quilt for myself since it first came out.

With these patterns in mind I will be making JL from the scrap bin. The SITP will have scrappy neutrals. I will get started on these and see what other ideas I can come up with for the scraps.

Which Comes First?


Saturday, September 01, 2018

September OMG

I didn’t finish August’s goal. So here’s the repeat. I did work through some technical issues so that’s a bonus.

Quilt this quilt. Have to before I can move onto something else. Unless I want to take it off the frame 🙄

Linking up to Patty from Elm Street Quilts.

Are you joining in?