Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Busy Weekend

I attended an in store retreat this past weekend. 12 hours on Saturday and 8 on Sunday.

I brought 4 projects with me and touched all of them. Two were brought to a completed top stage and the other two had a small amount of work done.

I brought my Double Wedding Ring project which consisted of 5 columns of blocks. I sewed the top together and it just needs a good pressing. I do need to inspect the seams of the four patches to make sure the background seam was completely sewn into the seam and not showing.

The other project was a panel that I wanted to build out to a good size for a very tall friend of my son. They’ve been friends since the third grade. He is deploying next month and I had bought this panel for myself. When he saw it it was apparent I needed to go buy another one.

I had a 36x42 panel and then two coordinates also a yard each. When I arrived at retreat I had a rough idea of what I wanted the quilt to look like. After consulting with my table mates I bought another 2.5 yards of a green grunge and a black bella solid.

Here is what I ended up with measuring at 65x83.

I posted this pic on facebook and Dylan, the recipient, loves it. Just have to find a backing and get it quilted. He knows it may not be ready when he leaves but will be sent soon after.

The other two projects are a paper pieced block due in 3 weeks for my Saturday Sampler BOM and a quilt top I am replacing the taffeta pieces with cotton. You’ll see more on those soon.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you like Yoda?

Happy quilting!


Thursday, July 26, 2018

July OMG

Are you sitting down? Not only did I quilt the quilt (my goal) but I bound it and delivered it to the happy recipient.

This was also a goal on my 3Q FAL list. #7

Does it’s new owner look happy?

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for a July completion!


Sunday, July 22, 2018

20 Minute Challenge - Double Wedding Ring

I took my DWR to the church Friday night with the intent to cut the centers then cut and sew on another project I need to finish sooner than later. That is not what happened!

I cut the centers I needed. I pinned the melon that goes on top and decided to just sew those on. Then I pinned the side melon and decided to go ahead and sew those on. But no more!

Next thing I knew I had the fourth column complete and the fifth and final well under construction. I even pinned the side melons on the first and last row.

Today I sewed the fifth column and the side melons and just have to sew the columns together. So much for a twenty minute challenge!

This will be a topper on my bed. I’m loving it and the assembly has not been hard.

Have you done curved piecing?


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Midweek Update

I have faithfully been working on my 20 minute challenge. I have 3 columns plus part of the fourth. Need to cut 8 more centers which will happen Friday. This will give me 5 columns in total.

I will do some of the fill in work on the edges and bottom until then. Maybe!

I have been quilting on my OMG. I want to finish it before Friday so I can get it trimmed on the big tables at church.

It is doable!

How are your sewing plans going this week?


Monday, July 16, 2018

Fourth Finish for Q3

I finished the fourth item on my Q3 FAL list.

This Happy Block quilt is made from my boyfriends Dad’s shirts and then the boyfriends things, my daughters jeans are in there and some garage sale finds. I used widely spaced straight line quilting with a heart in the upper right of the quilt.

Beyond the obvious symbolism of the clothing use and the heart there is more. Ray’s dad Paul was a WWII vet. There is patriotic fabric in the backing. Paul was known for his barn building. When I talked with many family members the stories of them helping him build were many. The binding and the rest of the backing is red barn wood.

I included a piece from my daughters jeans because I wanted the dragonfly. Do you know the story of the dragonfly? You’ll find it here. Finally on the back I placed the label which contains a photo of Paul, his son Pat and then Pat’s sons Jason and Jeremiah. Jason will be the recipient of this quilt.

When Ray and I made the long journey to Michigan to be at Paul’s side Jason was right there soon after we arrived and never left until Paul had passed. Jason showed me such kindness and talked with me with such sincerity. I saw how Pauls passing effected him.

I originally offered to make this quilt for Rays sister. She declined for a few reasons. I talked it over with Ray and told him I felt Jason should be the recipient and he agreed.

This quilt holds a lot of emotion and I hope Jason will appreciate it.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Third Finish for Q3

I finished item #3 on my FAL list.

This is the second of my three pink and green Strip Stacks. I made this in June of 2010. I had made a pieced backing but the quilter donated a back rather than use mine. I took the back apart and made these.

I have a love/ hate relationship with the binding I chose. Ah well it’s done.

Happy quilting!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Second Finish for Q3

I finished my second item from my 3Q FAL list.

This tumbler quilt was cut out 2 or 3 years ago on my GO cutter. I used the 3.5” die. It includes scraps from some items I sewed when I was in my teens back in the 70’s, samples that my mother had in her stash and supplemented with additional scraps from my stash. That GO cutter is amazing!

I just leant my cutter to a friend along with this same die. I cautioned her that she needed to keep track of how many she had cut because before she knew it she’d have enough cut for 5 quilts! She has since texted me and confirmed it is addicting. Sewing them together is a breeze too! I’m anxious to cut another one.

Are you participating in the finish along? Stay tuned for more.


Friday, July 13, 2018

First finish for 3Q

I finished number one on my 3Q FAL list.

Carleen’s Matchstick Marimba. I mailed her quilt to her and it was misdelivered. She got the post office engaged with no success. She went to the persons house with no success.

I just quickly remade it and here it is. She is on vacation now so I will mail when she returns.

Watch this space for more finishes!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

FAL 2018 Q3 List

I had twenty things on my Q2 list. I totally completed three things but I made lots of progress on many of the others. You’re going to see rapid fire finishes this quarter because of the Q2 progress.

My focused, thoughtful list for 1Q was a good idea for me. So I’ll continue with that plan.

1) remake Carleen’s Matchstick Marimba. First one was misdelivered and they deny having it.

2) tumbler quilt

3) pink and green strip stacks #2

4) Jasons Happy Blocks

5) Ray’s horse quilt

6) Lynn’s quilt

7) CBs Hells Angel quilt

8) Renee’s Yellow quilt
9) Renee’s Navy Quilt
10) Pieced together contest quilt
11) Dylans Yoda quilt
12) green four patch on point
13).Poppy BQ quilt
14) Armadillo Wallhanging
15) Nancies Peach Floral
16) Vikki’s baby quilt
17) Dr Liang pincushion
18) Postcards for Nancie and Meloney
19) Green Nancies 30s
20) Red Nancies 30s
21-25) Charity quilts I have hiding here

Mostly quilting except 17 and 18.

I’m linking up with Leanne at She Can Quilt for 3Q Finish-a-long.

Happy quilting!


Monday, July 09, 2018

Stashbuster 20 Minute Challenge

My yahoogroup Stashbuster has a challenge that started on July 1. The challenge is to spend 20 minutes each day or 140 minutes a week on a particular project to move it forward. The projects are things that are more challenging than others or that you’re just plain avoiding working on.

I was not planning to participate but when I reviewed my UFO list I kept seeing my Double Wedding Ring listed. I had worked diligently on it to the point of getting all the melons made and cutting out centers then stopped. Friday night I took it to my church sew in and attached the first melon to a center. It was easy. I did not have my instructions with me so stopped there.

I spent the first day, which was more than 20 minutes, sorting out the project to see where I had left off. I have all the melons needed but lack 8 centers. I reviewed the instructions on assembling and did a little pinning.

The second and third session had me sewing more melons to centers and I have my first column mostly together. I’m pretty sure I am spending more than 20 minutes per session but there will be days I don’t spend any time on it.

I am planning a 5x6 setting which will serve as a queen size topper for my bed. With one column done in just 3 days I may have to choose a second challenging project.

What challenges are you working on?


Thursday, July 05, 2018

July OMG

Third time is a charm. I’m going to get this quilted!

The owner texted inquiring about his quilt. I have to get to it!!

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.