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Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Friday Well, Wednesday morning before I went to the hospital I decided to sneak in just a few minutes of sewing. I happily stomped down on the pedal and sewed the last seam of the backing. I had the iron heating up so that I could just hop up, press it and run out the door. I ended my seam, shut off the machine, laid the backing out and with iron in hand and was disgusted to see that I had run out of thread so the last 18 inches or so were not sewn. Argh!! In the middle of all this I was getting call after call asking about dh. Yes, I was feeling a little guilty sewing when I should be at the hospital. I turned off the iron and headed out the door. You know the rest (read earlier posts if you don't).

Thursday I came home from work and loaded my bobbin and sewed and pressed that last seam. I packed it all up and called the quilter. I took everything to her and she thinks it will be ready by mid next week. I am hoping it will be sooner. Now to get the tote bag all sewn up and ready to go.

I had told dh I was not going down to see him last night. So of course some things have to happen to pile the guilt on. First he got a call from his dad that his uncle had passed away. We knew this was coming. Even though they were not that close it is still hard. Then I learned that they were having to give him platelets and whole blood. DH didn't know any details of why they were doing that. I called the nurse and asked her. Even though I am on the list for family she said she could not tell me over the phone. I asked her to go down to his room and I would call him. She went down immediately (bless her) and told dh everything I wanted to know then he relayed the info to me. She was in there and answered a few more questions. This a.m. they told him he can go home Monday so he must be doing ok. His Dad is coming over for the funeral so he will get to see dh, which is great.

I have someone taking care of the kids today after school through getting them fed dinner and settled until I get home. This way I can go straight to the hospital. Of course he has a list of things that he wants from home that he told me about after I got to work. I will buy what I think he needs now. The rest he will get tomorrow.

DH is already trying to coordinate my weekend for me which I am trying to discourage him from. I am trying to sprinkle myself around to the kids, me and him. I told him some things may have to slide for now and to just relax. We will see how that goes!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I got the 411 OK I have more information. So let me share and then also answer some questions.

I did take the day off today. While I do qualify for FMLA I also have no savings since it was wiped out when dh lost his job so hate to take unpaid leave. Plus I work unbelievable hours so they should be able to give me a few days off with pay. I only have 4 vacation days and I do hope to spend time with my kids at Christmas time.

They did call and ask about the insulin. I thought we agreed I would not bring it. When I got there they wanted it. It seems that there are so many insulins that are similar. They worked it out...I think. They are not giving him his regular dosages then act surprised that his sugar is high....duh! They finally put him back on his dosing tonight. We will see how that goes.

DH was taking other meds at home. When we filled out the paperwork we disclosed all the meds and dosages. I asked the nurse about them today and she had a surprised look. She mumbled that he should probably take them and quickly left more or less indicating he should take them NOW without her knowledge. So I gave them to him. They are now on his orders.

I still have not talked to the surgeon although he has spoken to dh. I called the office and left a message for his PA. The PA called me back and told me everything. Coincidentally the hepatologist was there and filled in the gaps and concurred much of the information that overlapped the two docs specialties. So read on here is what I know....

The surgery went exactly as they thought it should. They were able to put an articulating spacer in so he will have some movement. This is a good thing. He is in a knee immobilizer from ankle to thigh. He was up and walking on it with a walker already. So things are looking ok there.

I walked into them inserting his PIC line today (not sure if that is spelled correctly). This is how we will administer IV antibiotics for the next 6 weeks at home. The 6 weeks could be more or less. Then they will take him off antibiotics for 2 weeks. At that time they will determine if infection is gone by doing an MRI, culturing fluid from the knee (if there is any) and then visual inspection. If all docs involved the infection is clear they will make him active on the liver transplant list.

Once he is on the list they will only do the new knee replacement if something happens that indicates it. They will do liver transplant as soon as one is available. Then in 3-4 months they will do the replacement. If his recovery from transplant is going well or something happens that indicates need to do the replacement they will go ahead with it. At this pace I suspect he will be all redone by May or June. We will see.

You all are so wonderful. He is much better. Once they get him off the pain pump it will be that much better. I will be writing to lots of people about this experience. Everyone raves over this hospital. I just don't see what the big deal is. I wonder how people that don't have someone there for them asking questions or don't question themselves manage. The nurse did indicate it is an issue for many. She is really trying to fix all the woes so I will be sure to commend her as well.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. I am really very tired and have probably left out things. Thanks for all your wonderful support. Much love and hugs to you all! swooze!
UGH! OK I am a bit stressed and snarky here. Surgery is over. They rush rush rushed to get us back in the pre-OP then the inevitable wait. I had some concerns about some things and the anesthesiologist was very attentive. She ordered new labs and blood products which I strongly felt he needed. Let me just say that 2 of the samples were bad and they ended up sticking him 4 times. Poor guy.

They took him back an hour late. I am sure this messed up some of the things I am about to gripe about. They have this great board that tracks progress of when patient goes in OR, surgery starts, stops and then patient goes to recovery. They also give you a pager that the doctor buzzes about 10 minutes before he comes out to talk to you. The board was never updated. I found out he was in recovery an hour after he got back there. No call or visit from the doc. I was in the waiting room the entire time. Then about 3 hours after he had been in recovery I call back to see what is going on. Some nice chipper lady informs me they are getting ready to take him to his room. I tell her that is great and good thing I had called as I would never have been told. When I asked her who would have informed me she had no answer. I asked her when the doc would talk to me. She said she would page him and then "if" he called her back she would give him my cell number. I received no call.

I go up to his room and wait. He gets up there pretty quickly. By 7 his IV had somehow been pulled out of his hand. This is how they are administering his pain meds. It took an hour for them to get everything re-inserted and hooked back up. If I didn't have the kids at home I think I would have spent the night. I have very low confidence in the staffs competency right now.

To add to all this loveliness I get a call from hubby this morning asking me to bring his insulin. I was agahast. I heard him talking to someone and I asked if that was the nurse, which it was. I asked to speak to her to find out what is going on. She is unsure of his medicine and I explain what it is. She seems to think I don't need to bring his now. Sigh...

So I am taking another day from work and hope this doesn't jeopardize things for me. I am really stressed but just have to do what is best. When I found out anything I will let you all know.

Sorry for the long rant!

Monday, November 26, 2007

D-Day is Upon Us Hubby's surgery is tomorrow, 11/27, around noon. We check in at 10:30. I had nightmares all night long last night that things do not go well. I called the doctor's office to ask a question today and am waiting for that response. We can only go in knowing we have done all that we can do. Hubby is very depressed and mean right now. I will be happy to have this behind us soon. My best friend surprised me today (she had to cuz she didn't know where to go) and is planning to come sit with me at the hospital during the surgery. Keep us in your thoughts please.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Progress and a Love Quilt. I did get to sew this long 4 day weekend. I got a love quilt topped and have begun piecing the back. I will finish tomorrow....I hope! I am making a matching tote bag. All those pieces are now cut out. I just have to fuse them and sew it together. It will go quickly I am sure. (Please pardon the bad pic. The quiltholder was very wiggly and the door not wide enough)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kiva You may notice the new link on my sidebar to kiva.org. A friend of mine heard about this organization and made a few loans. I just recently went back and looked to see what was happening with her loans and see that she has made quite a few more.

People can ask for loans for just about anything so read carefully. Many want seed money to start or grow a business and others ask for money to finish builidng their house. The lender that Kiva worked with does charge interest but you do not earn interest on your loan. Read carefully as the terms are listed for the loan. The amount and repayment term. There is also information about the "lender" and their stats on successful collections, etc.

You get your money back after the loan is fully repaid and then can withdraw your money or make another loan. You can lose this money. I would look at this as a donation more or less for this very reason.

The maximum loan amount is $25 right now. Due to it's popularity they are limiting the loans to allow many others to participate. Who knew there were so many philanthropists out there?! So I have made one loan of $25. My plan is to make several others and then just keep reloaning the money as it is paid back.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Preparing for Thanksgiving and the 4 Day Weekend I have shopped for the big dinner and already made the inevitable second trip for forgotten items. I will be baking pies Wednesday night and trying to get things started that can be done in advance. Of course ds thought of one more thing he wants for dinner that day. I see another trip to the store pre-Thanksgiving in my future!

Sewing plans are also in the making. I had visions of pinning a quilt outside. Those plans are quickly waning as a big front is coming in and the 4 days I wanted to work on it are supposed to only reach low 40's. There is also talk of precipitation. Sigh.... It isn't as if I only have that one project to work on....I'll live. Reference my to do list from two weekends ago. Still have those things to get to!

Post Thanksgiving shopping plans are in the making as well. Our tv has been needing to "warm up" lately. So we are watching for sales on an LCD or Plasma tv. DH has his eye on the 42" or thereabouts. Anyone own an LCD or Plasma? Any helpful tips? I heard you want Plasma as there is no "ghosting" when you are watching action such as in a movie or in sports.

If you are traveling for the holiday I hope your travels are safe and happy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Looking for Input I have makers choice on this round robin. I am open to your input. The border can be up to 4". What are your thoughts?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Round Robin Bloggers I am participating in a round robin with 14 other bloggers from the original Q4P ring. Here are the guidelines for this swap and pictures of completed rounds http://abyquilt.blogspot.com/2007/09/mini-round-robin.html.

The first block is to be 4" square finished. While I was doing the great unearthing of the sewing room I came across a great fabric that has leaves in gold on a brown fabric. It was perfect....but the leaves are too large.

So onto my next idea. I became paper piecing obsessed this year. I searched high and low and found a great PPed maple leaf. I had to redraft it to make it the correct size. I did that and started sewing on it a few nights ago. I felt awful and was having trouble with it. I decided to walk away from it and get some rest. Today one of the other participants was talking about overthinking her block and possibly making it too complicated. It made me think about what I was trying to do. I have now dropped this idea.

My final idea. I have a fabric that I was going to use in the PP pattern. It would be perfect as the focus block. Why not? So I will be cutting it out tonight and getting it into the mail tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I had a finish! I joined a round robin on quiltsbykos since I have become....er....uh....addicted to them. I had to add a 2 or 3" border. I have wanted to do a checkerboard pattern but felt it needed something more. My friend suggested a flange so I added that too.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not as Productive as I had hoped. Here is my progress:

  • finish love quilt top and back and deliver to be quilted (get batting) - putting borders on now. Bought the batting. Have decided how to do the backing.
  • make totebag for love quilt - have a design in mind
  • repair 7 Sisters top - my sewing session got canceled. Didn't touch this
  • finish small RR - I have the design in mind and all the fabrics pulled
  • finish 12 days blocks - nope
  • bind ninepatch - nope
  • baste Floral Irish chain - bought more pins
  • make RRBlogger starter block and mail - I redrafted the pattern and have the fabrics pulled. Need to buy a small journal to send off with it.

I went to the LQS Saturday night to see what was new from market. I bought a couple patterns, a kit and fabric to make one of the tops. The quilts are for dd. She will have more quilts than me at this rate.

I met a group I see every month at Panera's then dh decided to go shoe shopping. That ate into the day. I sewed after that...really more planning. Did lots of cutting. I am a little bummed I didn't get more done but dh is going out of town next weekend then the long Thanksgiving weekend will be here. More retreating for me!!

Hope you all were more productive than I was!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Stashbuster Retreat Weekend Okay I am a list maker. The Stashbuster yahoogroup has a virtual retreat weekend from 11/9-11. Here are my goals:

  • finish love quilt top and back and deliver to be quilted (get batting)
  • make totebag for love quilt
  • repair 7 Sisters top
  • finish small RR
  • finish 12 days blocks
  • bind ninepatch
  • baste Floral Irish chain
  • make RRBlogger starter block and mail

This is a pretty doable list. I just have to stay focused!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

What Was I Thinking? I don't remember now. I sure wish I had written it down. Quiltmakers was going out of business and I had to buy fabric for a love quilt. I bought plenty for everything except a backing. CRUD! Well I don't mind pieced backs so I will more than likely piece this one. The only issue is that I thought I had enough extras to make a tote bag for this love quilt to fit into. Double crud!

This quilt will be Queen size. I am sure that when I was in that store buying, my mind wasn't on making it that big. Interestingly enough I have more than enough for the borders and sashing....just not that backing. I am going to try to slip into the LQS on the way home tonight. I came to a screeching halt last night on this quilt over this issue. I didn't dare cut anymore until I had a clear path forward on that backing. Again it isn't so much the quilt as it is that tote.

Wish me luck! Note to self....make a note to self next time!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Accomplishments Did you notice my weight ticker? I have 9.5 pounds to go before I meet my goal weight. I could make it by New Years at my current rate. When I graduated from high school I weighed 172. I am pleased!

I have the blocks assembled for the love quilt top. I have to add some more sashing and borders. I am happy at the progress so far!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Accomplishments

  • basted Simple Simon
  • basted 12 Days
  • started the love quilt. Should have it topped in a few days
  • Pinned the binding on my Ninepatch on point. Just have to sew it down. (BONUS)

I think I did well. Remember I bought those banquet tables? I took them outside on the driveway and worked on the quilts and took conference calls for work. Very pretty weather but will turn soon. I have to get that Irish Chain basted while the weather holds!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Goals for November

This is a pretty aggressive list but I think I can make it. The Thanksgiving holiday will help with the extra days off. We don't go away and we don't get company typically. I need to get a quilt topped this weekend then I will focus on basting the three tops listed here.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Reflections On October and a Top Secret Photo!

Let me think....what did I get done in October??

  • 2 challenge blocks
  • a 6" round robin center
  • 2 sets of pillow cases
  • assembled 3 quilt backs
  • trimmed one UFO for binding
  • I organized the heck out of my sewing stuff! Not done yet but getting there!

Shhhh............my recipient hasn't gotten her cases yet....don't tell her these are here....