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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

November OMG

Do you know about setting SMART goals? Specific Manageable Actionable Relevant Time-bound. Well the only thing smart about this goal is that it’s small!

I’m heading out for a two week vacation and won’t be home to achieve anything too involved.

I’ll be quilting this row from a row by row seceral years ago. I didn’t like how my quilt looked so took it all apart after having it together enough to claim my prize. I was thinking about a cross hatch pattern but that is too much for what will be a wall hanging. So simple ditch quilting with poly thread, maybe outline the appliques and a quick machine binding.

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Monday, November 05, 2018

Halloween Fabric

I have some (cough) Halloween fabric. My daughter asked me to make her a quilt with some of it so I decided to also cut for the charity quilts I had intended while I was at it.

My daughter selected her favorites. I took that pile to my sit and sew with the intention of cutting it all up. Sandra was there eyeing me with great interest. Halloween fabric is her favorite.

I pulled the fabric off the pile one by one and pressed it. The questions started soon after. “What are you making with all that Halloween fabric?” One of the other ladies blurted out “A quilt!”. A pause and some thinking...”What kind of quilt?” to which was replied “A Halloween quilt!”. We all had a good chuckle over that.

Then the expected question came.
Sandra asked if I could cut her some of that. I told her to tell me what she did not want as there would be fewer of those. We discussed what she needed. Remember this is my hoarder lady. The longer we talked the bigger the cut she wanted. She ultimately said a half yard and I said NO!

When it was time for me to cut she had left. I was trying to decide what to cut for her. She said she wanted to make a dresden. I looked down at the ruler which was 6” wide and decided that was the size.

I proceeded to cut for the rest of the night. There was a 6” cut for Sandra, a 5” cut or two for my daughter’s half hexagon quilt and then I cut most of the rest at 3” for charity Happy Block quilts. I did leave enough to cut one more 5” cut in case I needed more for my daughter’s quilt. I have large yardage which I did not cut up as I will want borders and backings.

Here is the result of 6 hours of work.

I do have at least half of the fabric shown at the beginning left. I was going to work on Halloween fabric until it was all gone. I think I will get tired of it if I do that so I’ll just work with what I have cut and cut as needed to finish tops, borders, bindings and backings.

I wonder how many quilts I have there...

Have you ever made a Halloween quilt?