Judy L's UFO Challenge

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hmmmm..... No One Seems To Notice I Haven't Posted in 10 days......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 16 Stash Report

Fabric in: 3.75 yards. All planned purchases
Fabric Out: 0 yards. But I will have a finish this week!

Fabric in YTD: 27.5 yards
Fabric out YTD: -11.5 yards

I picked up a quilt from my LAer. I do plan to finish it this week. I will have my Spring Breeze top done this week and plan to get that off to the LAer soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Mystery Unravels

I am making progress on my mystery quilt Spring Breeze by Dorothy Young. I like how the black sets the red off. The next border is a plain one and I was planning to use the white. I may just go with more black and very wide to make it big enough for my queen bed. Thoughts? One or two more borders? Colors?

Here is the other unravelling mystery. Meet Cracken. He is owned by someone in one of the other apartments here. He was evicted for eating bread. He is loved and fed by many. I am still going to call him Buterball. Here he is enjoying his weekly visit. The black and white kitty's real name is Socks and he was owned by a former tenant in my apartment. People.... Enough said.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 15 Stash Report

Help! I'm in the hole! How the heck did that happen??

Fabric in: 16 yards
Fabric Out: 0 yards

Fabric in YTD: 23.65
Fabric out YTD: 16

Net Used er um bought: -7.65

4 yards were planned but the other 12...total impulse. No excuse. The "aww that is so adorable got me!". I did drop off 2 quilts at the quilter so that will help!

Monday, April 06, 2009

I Get to Work from Home This Week

Had a dental appointment today and get Good Friday off. So what was the point of me driving back and forth for 3 days? They decided it would be ok. I logged in today and no work for us. So I have been waiting and surfing the net. Now work until tomorrow. I did take frequent breaks and got some things done here. Not a total loss.

I have the center of my quilt top together. Now to work on the borders. While I was talking to my LAer I realized this top would be a small queen. I plan to add a larger border so that it fits my bed better. I don't want a topper. I hope to show it here by this weekend.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Week 14 Stash Report

No changes. I dropped a few quilts off to be quilted and expect to drop a third off next weekend. Once I get those back and bound I should show a big decrease!

Fabric Purchased this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Purchased YTD: 7.625 yards

Fabric Busted this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Busted YTD: 16 yards

Net Used YTD: 8.375 yards

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Northern LA Quilt Guild and Spring Breeze

I attended my first quilt guild meeting tonight, ever. It was a lot of fun. Everyone was very welcoming. They took care of business first and asked me to introduce myself. Then they had show and tell of a round robin they started. Everyone showed their center medallion and I was assured I would have plenty of time to catch up. They asked me to draw the next row and it was ninepatch. Guess I better get busy!

They wrapped the meeting up with general show and tell. I had two sections of my Spring Breeze to show. There were some very pretty things but one I HAD to take a picture of. It is a completed Garden Twist. I took this picture my buddy Michele. Hope it will inspire her.

Once I got home I went to work on my quilt. Here is a pic of my completed sections. I am short two pinwheels. I will try to cut out the rest of my quilt tomorrow and see what I can get assembled.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Accomplishments and April Goals


I got all of dd's fabric washed and need to press it and my Spring Breeze is not topped. Those were my goals for March. I am glad that I made progress on both this month.

  • Top Spring Breeze
  • Top DD's Bamboo/Pinwheel quilt

Going to continue to keep things simple here until I see what I can accomplish on an ongoing basis. I do have fabric washed for a few other projects so you may see a "zinger" in my list of accomplishments.

I Got the Nicest Phone Call

I got a call from a local gal here that is a member of the guild in Monroe on Monday. She was one of, if not the first, to respond to a message I posted on the guild website asking for information on Monroe. She was asking me about myself and how I was doing. She let me know that she had told other ladies about me since she might be late and that they were expecting me. Wow...expecting me. What a nice welcoming feeling that is.

I had also happened across the blog of another Monroe guild member. I left her a comment and let her know I was in the area. This wonderful lady offered to give me a ride to the meeting. I sure would have taken her up on her offer but I like to explore in my car and am always finding new and interesting places.

Tomorrow is the guild meeting. My first ever guild meeting. They told me to bring show and tell. I have been busily working on my Springe Breeze and hope to have more of my little 3 x 3 units I am making. I need 8 but I am a pinner and it will take me awhile. More is better than not.

Hope you are having a happy springy day.