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Thursday, March 29, 2012

House Pictures - Part 2

This is the neutral that I have in my living, dining, Gav's and master bed room. I hope it dries lighter than it appears here.

My kitchen. Love it!

Hall bath. This is sort of a milk chocolate color. The floor tile is a blue gray. Looks scrumptious!

My exterior paint with more light on it.

House Pictures

Going with the dark blue on the left for the front, back and garage door.

Dee's room. She likes it. Enough said.

Not loving that counter top. Going for another look.

There will be shelves. I will be able to put my nick nacks and what nots on here. Better than stacking junk on what previously was a wet bar.

My built in AV center.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Next Border Complete and Another House Update

I have the next round complete. I just need to do a little trimming and pressing then I can attach it. I work on this as I get little spurts of desire. Those few minutes here and there really add up.

The rest should be pretty easy to put together since I will be making this section as it was...for the most part. No rearranging just a little balancing.

I was told my house was painted today (inside). The cabinets are being delivered tomorrow and will be installed this week. Windows will arrive this week as well. The built-ins are all done and the dog door is installed. Just waiting for my insurance check so that I can get counters, tile and appliances. That is due to come in any day now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Progress and a House Update

I sewed a little more on my co-workers quilt last night. I like the progress and even showed her today. I didn't want her to freak out when she saw that I had completely taken the thing apart. She was more concerned about how much work I was putting into it. I told her don't worry about me I am enjoying the process. She told me not to worry about her because she just wants a quilt when this is all over. We will both be fine.

I go visit the house from time to time. There typically isn't much to report because it is all prep work. A little demo here, a little patching and sanding there. Today when I went to visit things are all patched and have been textured and the primer is being applied. They will be painting this week. They are changing a window that I had in my dining area from a double window that opened to a picture window. That is all ready for the new window to come in. The cabinets are supposed to be here this week. The windows will be here next week. I am replacing all my windows. I think we are on a good path. All I need is more money :). Next house update I will share some pictures.

Over the course of the past few years I have one mantra or another that I take on to get me through things. The current one is "If money can solve it, it's not a problem." In other words if that is the fix then it's not a big deal and I need that perspective right now. I feel so much pressure, stress, I don't know what it is flowing away right now. I am usually a pretty positive person so it is nice to FEEL positive.

Thanks for the support all of you give me in so many ways. I know that I am blessed. Would love to hear from you. Please share your favorite mantra of life.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall 3/19/2012

Imagine this on point. I have started putting my friends quilt back together again. It should be a top again in no time.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stash Report 3/11/2012 and a house update

I have completed inventorying everything that was left at the house by the recovery company. I have typed up the list and am in the process of dating and valuing everything. What does this have to do with my stash report?

I weighed all my fabric to get it's approximate yardage and value. 533 pounds. Multiply that by 4 to get yardage. This is a figure regularly discussed on stashbuster. That means I have about 2,132 yards of fabric.

This knowledge prevented me from buying fabric at the Dallas quilt show yesteday. In fact I didn't even buy a pattern or a ruler. My big splurge was a pair of scissors and a light that straps to your finger. Could be useful when threading a needle.

I did buy 1.5 yards of fabric for the quilt I am working on fixing. My plan is to trade for what I need in the future or sell and buy what I need. I know that I do not need to bring in one more inch of fabric!

Nothing out yet this year but just wait til I get back in my sewing room!

Here is the house update. My builder just ordered the cabinets last week. He had originally told me it would take 6-8 weeks to get them from the time they were ordered. He shocked me when he told me they should be here in about 3 weeks time. What great news! I have picked out the windows, paint and flooring. Just need to come up with the money to get some of these items to keep the job moving forward. Feel free to ask your questions.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

More Fixing

Remember this post? I have taken that quilt down to the individual quilt pieces. My next step is to trim things to the same size where needed. This quilt had lots of mismatched points. The biggest issue I faced was that the neutrals in the center were cut much smaller than the colored pieces.

I layed out the pieces and have been playing with the layout a bit. When I look back to the pictures of the original I realized there was an issue with the green on the corners that I had not noticed before. Basically it didn't turn the corner elegantly. I happened upon a solution.

I even changed the layout in the center a little so that everything matches to itself. I also have a fabric that I felt was a close match and will be cutting new neutral patches from it rather than trying to trim all the pieces to the same size. Some trimming is still needed but not as much as the original plan called for.

What do you think?

Monday, March 05, 2012

Design Wall - 3/7/2012

I worked on my pieces for my Orca Bay border for the weekend. Now I just have to start sewing them together and make my QST pieces.

I was trying to hand sew the holes in the quilt I volunteered to fix for my coworker. It was so frustrating because there is/was a satin type fabric that was in there and is/was shredded. My table mates at my Friday night church sew in suggested I just return it. I couldn't after all the work I had done so far. That is I had deconstructed it too much to return. I felt like the best thing was to take it down to the individual units. That is what I did. I am now pulling all the loose threads from those parts and will be trimming them to a common size once I figure out what that is.


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