Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Texas Row by Row Experience

I collected rows from many different shops and continue to collect them for the Row by Row Experience.  This challenge started June 21st and I started a new job June 22nd.  The combination of me being at the office 10 hours a day and then rushing to my sewing room to get my rows complete so that I could be one of the first to turn in a completed quilt kept me from blogging.

I finished and turned in my quilt 2 weeks ago at Thomas' Sewing Center in Mesquite.  The prize was 25 FQs and a $25 gift certificate for using their row.  Because they do not  have FQs pre-cut I got a few yard cuts and the rest in half yard cuts.  All batiks.  They are shown below.

I put this together as minimally as possible because I plan to take it apart and finish the rows into wall hangings for my office.  I will get more enjoyment out of them this way.  For now I will enjoy it as it is.  I have to locate the fabric I want to use as borders for each wall hanging so I am in no rush.

In other quilty news.  I have hired a college girl to come over and help me with my organizing.  I needed someone that could help me move furniture around and help tidy as we went without commentary and complaining.  She has been over for 2 - 2 hour sessions so far and we have made a big impact.  I continue to to tidy on my own and can't help but smile when I want to put something away and know where it belongs.  By trying to work away at the mess in small bites of time I actually accomplish more because I do not get overwhelmed.  I make lists and then we work on that list until time is up or the list is complete.  Progress!

More to talk about but I will save it for another post.