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Thursday, December 31, 2020

December 2020 OMG Complete

I waited until the last minute, why?  I don’t know why!  But I didn’t!  I finished everything on my list.

Borders added.

Blocks made.  50 of them!

That was my goal.  All complete.  Linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you the happiest New Year.


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Retreat Day At Church

Can you have too much fun?  A few friends gathered today at church to sew.  We had a small gift exchange.  This group has so much fun together.  Lots of laughter, teasing and love!  The really fun part was that Karen and I are addicted to The Quilted Cow’s weekly live on Facebook.  Be warned it’s a super long sales pitch and they have awesome stuff!  The one thing I’ve fallen in love with are the shirts.

I’m not sure how I found them but I quickly shared the info with Karen because she loves the quilt shirts too.  We planned that I wear my newest shirt today so that we could stage some funny pics.  The joke is on me because while Karen and I were discussing the staging, Linda started snapping pics.  I think what she captured was even funnier than what we were trying to do.

 This, to me, was the epic shot.  I was telling her what we were going for.  We were talking and that’s my listening face.  If you didn’t know you might think my thought bubble said “What?  You think I’m naughty?”

This was the staged shot.  “What can I say?”  Her thought.  “That’s funny!”

Another staged one.  “What can I say?”.  Her thought “She’s crazy!”

We had fun!  But there was sewing too.  The pillowcases are done and the borders are added to the camper quilt.  Parts are cut for the broken dishes blocks.

More to come!  I’ll show and talk more of the broken dishes blocks soon.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Slow But Forward Movement

In months past I’ve been whipping out quilt tops.  This month I’ve slowed waaaay down.  Can’t really put my finger on anything in particular that might be the cause.  I’m definitely thankful for the OMG because honestly that is what has propelled me forward this month.

I’ve added the borders to this one.

I had about a yard of that large print leftover.  My friend suggested I make a matching pillowcase so I did just that.  Although I still have to French seam it.

Another part of my goal was to make four pillowcases to go with my camper quilt.  All four are needing the final French seam.  I decided to sew down the flange on them which is shown here.  

I’ve always gifted cases in the past but never kept them for myself.  I did just that last year.  One cash convinced me to sew down the flange!

The last part of the goal is to add the final border to the camper quilt.  No new pic but the borders are cut.  They need to be trimmed to size and attached!  No worries!  I also have to make my broken dishes blocks.  They’re not hard just small and fiddly.  I think I said I’d make 50.  I can do it!  

I have two day long retreats at the church with friends this month.  I also have several days off from work in addition to the retreat days.  Watch this space for an update soon!

I hope you’re ready to pass the holidays however you like and that everyone is safe and sound.  Merry Christmas to all!


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Need Some Focus

I can’t help but think about the many things I want to work on.  “One” of those things is to dig into scraps and use them.  I’ve talked to several people about how they decide to cut up their scraps.  I do follow Bonnie Hunters techniques but really don’t want to cut everything down just yet.  I’ve made her last two mysteries by dipping into my scraps, then stash to make them.  

I haven’t started Grassy Creek yet but I think I will start soon.  I also picked three other quilts I want to make from my scraps and thought about sorting through and pulling for those quilts as I go.  In the process of choosing I realized that Jamestown Landing is a broken dishes pattern so will mishmash my pieces into a Jamestown like setting.

I make these decisions then waste time on lots of other things.  That’s why I’m glad I started doing One Monthly Goal again.  It keeps me moving forward.  I decided to sew the flange down on my pillowcases.  I tested a few designs and chose one last night.  That will go quickly.  

Yesterday I was at church and cut the final border for my split decision quilt.  I decided to continue cutting instead of sewing it on.

I have enough extra to make a pillow case to go along with this one.  Win!

Then I selected and attached the next borders on my camper quilt.  Just have to cut and attach the last border.

Good progress on my OMG goal.  I have 4 sew dates planned before the end of the year so should be able to finish everything!

How are you doing with your sewing goals?  Linking up with Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making.

Friday, December 04, 2020

December 2020 OMG

Time to set my goal for the month with Patty at Elm Street Quilts.  I try to balance between it being achievable but also a little bit of a challenge.

Adding borders seems to be my thing this year.  So a repeat on that front.  I’ll add borders to these two quilts.

The second picture is my camper quilt.  I’ll also be making the four matching pillowcases.

Finally, I’ve had a broken dishes quilt on my bucket list for a long time.  I’ve started making some units and playing with a layout.  I also have had a Bonnie Hunter design, Jamestown Landing on my list.  In playing with the layout it seems that I was coincidentally trying to create that design.  I think I’m going to modify her design and make my quilt Jamestown Landingesque.  So my goal is to make 50 broken dishes blocks, or more.  More on this in future posts.

This picture represents 4 units.

Are you joining Patty and the rest of us OMGers?  I hope you do!

p.s.  I will confess that I have two kits here burning a hole in my desire to work on them.  Watch this space for those as well!