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Saturday, August 28, 2021

August 2021 OMG

Looks like I got lazy on the blogging!  I’m trying to think if there’s a reason why but can’t come up with anything.  I happily worked on my goal for the month and just stopped once I had the rows together. A weird phenomenon happened.  Once I saw the rows up on the design wall I felt the impetus to keep going just fade away.  You see, I wondered what all this scrappy goodness would look like.  In a way I had accomplished my goal.

I have a few commission quilts and I wandered off into that camp and worked on those.  After all I do need to get them done.  I even planned to blog about one of them but that didn’t happen either.  But
then…Patty posted the wrap up post for the OMG.  I thought to myself,the end of the month?  Already?  

That post was just the nudge I needed to get back to my goal.  I pinned the rows together and got the top sewn together last night.  Then this morning I took it to church and pressed it on the big board.  I enlisted a quilt holder and snapped this pic.  No border and I have gotten rave reviews.  Happiness abounds!

Linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts Finish linkup.  Hope you met your goals this month too!  

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Great Progress!

Every Saturday I meet my friends at church.  Moo moo always goes and is a big hit with most everyone.  Study this picture and think about what the thought bubble is above his head.

I sewed several evenings last week and chipped away at making my blocks for my Stacked Squares.  The tutorial can be found here.  This was me flexing my scrap using muscle.  I had made my envelope quilt and had a stack of fabric leftovers from that.  When I knew I was going to be short on colors I grabbed fabrics from a bag of scraps someone had left at church.  One night while sewing I wanted more red so I pulled my red bucket down and picked several.  Wow that was fun!

When I got to church I had all but 10 blocks done.  I had the pieces cut and ready to add.  I quickly sewed those on and then spent the next several hours pressing all those blocks.  Ugh!  Press as you go girl!  Yes, hours.

I threw them up on the design wall.  I already had in my head that I wanted them in rows.  I decided to try out the layout that Melissa showed in her tutorial.  I hated to admit I liked the circle design.  The girls were teasing me that I should put it up for a vote.  The overwhelming response was circles.  I did have a few in the lines corner.  My daughter even texted me and told me she liked the lines better.  It was very entertaining.

I’m seriously considering making one in the RSC colors.  I need to get more serious about finding projects I want to throw my scraps at.  More to come.

So back to Moo moo.  There are three of us that meet regularly.  Moo has known Linda from the first week I got him and has seen her every week since.  I’ve had him for a year now and he loves her.  Then there’s Karen.  Let’s just say she has too much energy for his liking.  He’s getting more accepting of her especially when she’s sharing her lunch with him.

I glanced over and saw him staring at her. I was a little surprised that I knew exactly what he was thinking.  I asked her if she knew what he wanted and she said she did.  He was not trying to get up on her lap.  This is what he wanted.

This is what he was thinking…. “ can you please get out of my chair?”.  In the past he jumped up when she went to cut or press.  Now he’s just downright rude and stares trying to will her to get up.  Spoiled!

Happy quilting!,


Monday, August 02, 2021

Round 3

I just finished sewing round 3 on all 42 blocks for my OMG.  I’ll have to press them all tomorrow and get the fourth anf final round ready.  I have about 10 blocks I’m trying to choose specific colors for and will sort those out first.  At this rate I’ll have my blocks done this week.  All the more time to play witchy he layout!

Sunday, August 01, 2021

August OMG 2021

I’m working from this tutorial by Happy Quilting.  I have most of the pieces cut.  I would say all but as each round is applied I’ve come up short a piece or two.

As I was applying the second round I was antsy to see a finished block so I sewed ahead.  This particular block is all purples but not all of my blocks are like this.  Some are themed in greens, metallics or red, whit and blue.  But mostly scrappy.

The setting will be 6x7.  My goal is to complete all 42 blocks and set them.  Adding a border will be a bonus as I have not thought that far ahead.

One thing that has been good about this is that I’ve had to dig into my scrap bucket for a few more pieces.  This has got me thinking more about using my scraps.  Doing a thing seems to make that thing easier.  Here’s hoping you’ll see more scrap use from me.

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