Judy L's UFO Challenge

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Yes I Am Insane

I took a quilt from someone and turned back one corner of it rrom its folded state. I sad sure, I can fix this. Then I got it home and opened it up all the way. I stared in disbelief at the tattered mess before me. I thought just dig in and get it done.

I worked on it at home taking all the layers apart. Later I wished I had just overlayed it with tulle and stabilized it with more quilting. You could tell this quilt had really been used and loved. I thought it was washed but as I worked on it I realized how filthy it was. I just kept going.

I finally got all the layers separated and put the front and back in the wash for a quick wash. After a few minutes I realized I needed to drain the tub and run it again. Ugh!

I got everything dried and decided to use the backung to repair the front and to provide the new binding. I started by removing all 140 pieces of green from the quilt. A few were ok but I decided just replace them all. I felt so dsheartened taking this thing apart and seeing the damage. I wanted to quit and just make him a new one. I texted him and he agreed but he still asked that I use as much of the original one as I could. That made me feel bad. I trudged on, got everything apart and cut new green replacement pieces.

When I got to this point I was like a dog with a bone. I sewed and sewed until I had all 35 blocks back together. I did have to steal from the removed borders and backing for the other colors. I used a fusible to patch some of the holes. What a relief! Of course I got the blocks all sewn together. Yesterday I went and spread out and have all the borders cut and ready to attach too.

This is definitely a labor of love. In this case it is more my love for saving these old treasures!

What crazy thing are you working on?


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Blogger Comment Fix

I saw this fix and tried it. I didn’t get the subscription email mentioned and thought maybe it doesn’t work for everyone. I ran across another blog with the same fix and tried again. It was a little more elabirate about removing the old email and adding a different one. I also tried that and there was no subscription email.

I went back in to the settings and noticed a message that said I had comments awaiting mideration that I needed to take care of. I went and checked them, deleted them since they were spam and went back to the email setting and clicked save. I got the subscription email. Yeah!

After following the instructions in the email I commented on my own post and got the email.

All is well! Leave me a comment! Please!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Double Four Patch UFO Finish

Here is my latest UFO finish. I was gifted these four patches back in 2012. I assembled them into a top last year and quilted and bound it this year.

This finish got me off the Stashbuster UFO list as Queen. I will have to see if this was one of the numbers called for the numbers game.
It is on my 2Q FAL as number 11. I’ll be linking up when that is posted.
What are you finishing?

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

June OMG

Here it is! I am going to get this quilted this month.

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.


Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sewing, sewing and more sewing

I sewed Friday night with the church ladies. We broke around 8:30 because we were going to sew the next day too! We left all our stuff overnight. We resumed at 9 a.m. the next morning. The planned departure was around 6 p.m. I thought I left early but it was around 5:45 when I left.

My goals were to assemble the Savannah top, make my Saturday Sampler block and disassemble Lynn’s quilt for repair.


Assembled the Savannah top. Bonus: I also assembled the back and made a scrappy Susie’s magic binding for it.

I got my Saturday Samler block fused. Later in the evening I completed the blanket stitch.

I disassembled Lynn’s quilt. I thought it was clean but it was a dirty mess. After takng it apart I washed the front and back. The first tub was a muddy mess so I stopped the wash, drained it and washed it again. I draped them in the garage and by morning they were dry. I just finished picking the outter two borders off that were shattered. I was regretting taking it all apart but I think I can make it work.

I’ll use the backng for repairs and stash too. It will get a new backing and I plan to make the binding also from the back.

Accomplishments met and then some!

Remember my little basket of kitties? Athena was a feral kitten born behind my favorite LQS. We guestimate she was born April 1st. She came to my house May 11th. I’ve been concened that she would not settle down and want to be cuddled. Look at her this a.m. I must be doing something right.

I’ll just have to be patient with her.

What sewing goodness is happening at your place?


Friday, June 01, 2018


Two more seams and it’s a top. I am planning the binding now. Thinking scrappy gingham with a white flange.

The green around the elephant will be the backing.

What’s under your needle?