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Friday, October 30, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - October Finish

I did it!  I managed to finish all eight of my microwave bowls.  And what is even better is the 6 that I gifted are now in the recipients hands in NY.  To see what others finished click here for the ALYOF finishing party for October.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

First Quilt Completed on my Avante

I am documenting my first experience for future reference.  I started the quilt a little late w.  When I first loaded the quilt I hit my leader and threw my machine out of wack.  It was weeks before I was able to get it fixed.  When I started again I made sure to avoid the leaders.  I went a tad overboard.

As you can see my backing was a tad short.  I will let the binder decide how to address that.

When I basted across the top and down the sides I got little folds in the edges.  I don't think I was doing something I was shown.  This will be the first question I ask.  Also, when I was pulling my bobbin thread to the top at the end of a run my thread was not getting cut so the thread was getting dragged across the back.  Again, I missed something I was taught.  Question number two.

Overall the back looks good.  Tension was good.

On the front there were a few tension issues but always on the right side.  I think it was my top tension, not thread but quilt tautness.  Practice is needed to improve that area I believe.

Finally, my new quilt holder in training.  He did a fine job and peeked over the top to get his photo.  He's been my sons friend since they were 7 or 8.  His name is Dylan but I call him Dill Pickle.  Didn't he do a fine job?

If you know any of my answers please feel free to share!



Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Quilt Retreat

I went to a quilt retreat this past weekend that started mid day Friday through midday Sunday.  The food, facilities and people were great!  I went with a group of 6 that I knew and met some new friends that I look forward to seeing again.

I took nine projects with me.  2 that I did not touch at all except to carry into the center and then out again when we left.  1 gave away as I discussed in a previous post.  1 I totally finished which was my microwave bowls and then 5 that I did something with even if it was to take out all the piece parts and sort out where I was (only 1 prokject like that).  I was pretty pleased with my progress.

Microwave bowls.

Tumblers cut with GO Cutter and some sewing done.

4 patches made with some gifted 3.5" squares.

Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm Booooored

I went to a quilting retreat in Wichita Falls over the weekend.  My friend overheard a young lady complaining that she was bored.  She mentioned it to me.  A short while later I saw this trio at the cutting table.  The girl was there with her mother and grandmother.  You could tell she was not happy.  I leaned over to  Grandma and said I hear that someone was bored while keeping my eyes on the girl.  The girl didn't really react to my comment.  I told her I had brought a project that she might like to work on.  That it was a minion pin cushion.

She perked up when I said this.  She asked her mother if it was ok for her to work on it and her mom agreed.  She followed me to my basket of goodies and I handed over the supplies and pattern.  I even told her that if she had questions to please let me know and I could show her pictures.  She went off with her new project in hand.

A while later I went to check on her and she was happily working away on the pin cushion.  I asked if she needed anything and she did not.  Not long after she came over asking for the picture.  I took my ipad to show her and grandmother seemed to be pretty involved.  I was concerned that the project was cutting into her time too.  I listened to the exchange between them and could tell she was offering guidance only.

The next day this is what resulted.  A cute pin cushion and a happy busy girl!  Best of all they live in the same town as I do and we exchanged info so I hope to sew with them again in the future!

Happy quilting!


Thursday, October 08, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes for October

I may have posted this too late but I am going to play along just the same.  I made a few of these microwave bowls In the start of 2014.  I have had quite a few cut out since then but not sewn.  I am going to get them done this month!  They are intended as thank you gifts.

I made a second one and it cupped the bowl a lot better.  I will be using that one as my example.  Click over here to see what everyone else plans to finish this month.