Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Happy New Year 2023

The commissioned quilts arrived in time for Christmas.  I’m awaiting pictures with their recipients.

I started quilting on my quilt.  I have a plan and sort of quilted myself into a corner of sorts.  I started with rulers and they’re a little too restrictive for the space.  I’ll do the rest free hand but am having a bit of a pouting session first.

In the meantime I’ve been piecing.  First I made Pokémon pillowcases for my son.  They were a cute print I found at Hobby Lobby.

Then I made a kitchen set for my daughter consisting of four owl cozies and three hot pads custom sized to her pans.  They are made of a cute gnome fabric also found at Hobby Lobby.  I added decorative stitches to the smallest hot pad.  On the last side it got hung up and it kept stitching on itself.  That was a mess to pick out.  I just removed the bad and redid that spot.  The others got simple straight stitching!

Right before the New Year a friend of mine gave me 24 blocks from a swap we had participated in.  Each person chose their own fabrics and pattern.  Each person was to make two blocks then pass the box to the next person until the box was returned tothe owner.  The book of patterns they chose had terrible instructions.  Peoples sewing abilities were sub par.  The boxes did not get passed correctly.  I never got my friends box and didn’t make any of the 24 blocks.  When she got her blocks back they ranged in size from 11.75” to 14”.  She was so disappointed.  I took the wrong ones apart for her and did some fixes.  She just couldn’t get past the fiasco and gifted the blocks and leftover fabric to me.  I told her I would finish the quilt and she resisted my offer.  A few weeks ago I went to work and fixed one last block.  Then I made 11 more.  This was after a back and forth trying to determine the size she wanted with her still resisting.  I took the completed center, shown below, to her to audition on her bed and audition borders.  Saturday the decision was made and I got the first border on.  Will get the second one on this week.

While working on the above and waiting for decisions I pulled out my scrappy red plaid double Ninepatch and continued piecing.  I need 150 of the small 9 patches which will make up 30 double ninepatch blocks.  The blocks will be set on point.   .I had a little cutting to do to have what I need for the small 9 patches.  I also have more sub cutting to do.  I hope to have it to top stage by the weekend.

I’m participating in a 2023 in 2023 decluttering challenge.  I have 150 items marked of so far.  On average I will need to have 168.5 items per month.  So far it’s been very motivating to check off the boxes.

How’s your 2023 going so far?