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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

November 2020 OMG Complete!

I managed to complete my goal.  With the help of a four day stay at home retreat I got lots of sewing done and then some!

My two BOMs that I taught are completed tops.

I also finished the three QOV tops that remained.

Thanks to Patty at Elm Street Quilts for hosting this very motivating event!  Go take a look at everyone else’s accomplishments.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Camper Doings

I did a little sewing this week.  I have the quilt center done on my Split Decision quilt.  I’m looking for a neutral to use as the inner border.  Then the rest is TBD.  I’m planning to give this as a quilt of valor.  I have a fabric I was thinking I would use as the back but now that I plan to make it larger it would have to be enlarged as well.  You’ll be seeing more as I go

I was sewing at the church.  .I had to return to stash to continue so decided to move on to my other project.  I planned to add borders to my camper quilt.  I measured it on the camper bed so knew I was at the right size.  When I looked in the bag the only thing I had was the extra fabric intended for backing.  I was disappointed so visited with my friend.  She is a retired nurse and has been helping me with documentation I need so it was time well spent.

I blame my missing project on the stash shuffle.  I’m still working on that by the way.  I’ve had several items missing and managed over the past week to find quite a few, including the camper quilt.  I’m still missing a backing fabric and a pin keeper.  I’m trying hard not to stuff it away in my stash repository but I’m getting dangerously close to doing just that!

So about that camper the quilt is intended for.  On Tuesday the 10th I got a call from the local police department.  They had found our trailer abandoned on a street in our town.  It was hooked up to a stolen truck.  We keep it at a storage facility in Dallas and had no idea it had been taken.  I had to file a police report in Dallas in order for Mesquite to release it.  It was released and we got it after calling our insurance company.  We moved it to a repair facility after we assessed the damage ourselves.  So we are in the throes of estimates and negotiating with the insurance company.  I’m amazed it was not damaged worse than it was.  We will repair it and beef up the security the best we can.

Sewing is in my forecast this week.  I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  It will just be my kids, dd’s boyfriend and Ray.  We are trying to keep it simple but the menu always seems to grow before the big day!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Big Accomplishments

I had Veterans Day off From work and decided to take advantage and added a vacation day to Thursday and Friday.  I went to the church and sewed with my friends.  There were just three of us.  Actually, we did have a fourth join us on Thursday.  We started as early as 9 and went until 9 two evenings.  We came and went as needed to take care of appointments.  We went out to get a few meals and brought others in.  All in all we had a very good time.

I got a lot done!  On the first day I finished the last two QOVs which gives me 6 completed tops.

With the completion of my OMG November goal under my belt I launched into new things.  Folks on my Stashbuster io group had been talking about this pattern.  Serendipitously a friend asked me if I wanted a layer cake she had.  BINGO!  Of course I did because I don’t buy them.  Here is the result. 

I love it!  Another added to the to be quilted pile.  It’s flannel and will be super snuggly and warm.  I started cutting it Wednesday and finished sewing it Thursday.

Friday I pulled out a panel I had kitted up myself.  In fact I made two kits and gifted one to a dear friend.  I had already cut all the strips a week or so ago.  The pattern is Fernanda by Villa Rose.  I set to sewing and here is the result.

Do you see my little helper down there holding the corner?  I use the term help loosely.  He was our sewing companion the majority of the time.  He gave us reason to get up and move.  Walking and playing helped us move!

I started cutting on my next kit.  I made up a single block before calling it a night.  I managed to get away for 6 hours Saturday.  I didn’t sew the entire time but made 28 of the 36 blocks needed.  It’s called Split Decision.  I’ll finish it later.  Here’s my progress.

I’m thinking this may be a good QOV.  It will be close to the size I want to achieve and I have extra fabric.

Are you getting a lot done?  What are you working on?

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Big Accomplishments

I failed to mention I finally got my sewing machine back!  16 weeks and 2 days.  When I dropped it off they quoted 5 weeks before they’d even be able to look at it.  I was ok with that.  There was a good bit of what I call game playing through the whole process.  Telling me my machine was getting old and parts were hard to find, delays in working on it, trying to sell me a new machine, marking up replacement parts and terrible communication.  When I picked it up it supposedly had been serviced.  The oil wick was completely and the bobbin case was full of lint.  I wrote them a review and was contacted immediately.  I didn’t budge and they responded to my review that they don’t do business as I described.  Believe me when I tell you I encountered many others that were in the same boat with their machines and repairs.  Why am I the only nad review out there??  The Stitch House in Plano.  Beware.

So the good news about my machine is that it works. After my friend cleaned and oiled it I went right to work.  Since my last post I’ve managed to get my two BOMs together to the top stage and got the fourth of six QOV tops done.  Two more to go and they only lack the last border.  On a roll!

I’m taking two two days off in addition to Veterans day this coming week.  I’ll be sewing with my friend at the church.  I plan to finish off the two QOV tops,  sew together the panel that I just cut the coordinating fabric for and was just given a flannel layer cake that I’ll be trying a pattern out with.  These should be quick projects so I’ll be digging in the stash for other projects.  I have a few already cut so thos will be likely candidates!

What are you working on?

Sunday, November 01, 2020

November OMG 2020

I’m feeling frisky this month.  Let’s see what I can do.  

Bring the last three QOVs to a completed top, complete the two BOMs, that I taught over the past year, to the top stage.  For the QOVs it’s all border work.  For the BOMs it’s assembling blocks into columns and assembling the columns x 2.  


Linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal.  Are you participating?