Judy L's UFO Challenge

UFOs, PIGS and Flimsies


UFOs:  Unfinished objects.  I am going to put piecing in progress projects here
Flimsies: Unquilted tops.  These could be called UFOs but I have decided to store items at this stage until I have an intended recipient
PIGS:   Projects in Grocery Sacks.  Planned projects that everything is purchased for but not started.  I will limit this to those items I have made a "kit" for as I have lots of stacks of fabric for a someday 


  1. Matchstick Marimba
  2. Strip Stacks
  3. Pfefferneusse
  4. Lazy Sunday
  5. Bloomers
  6. Hugs and Kisses
  7. 2014 NYD Mystery with Bonnie Hunter
  8. Missouri Star strip quilt
  9. Darcy's t-shirt quilt


  1. Bloomers
  2. Baby BQ
  3. Strip Stacks - primary colors
  4. 3 Strip Stacks - green and pink
  5. Raising Cane
  6. 3 Super Size 9 patch
  7. 2 Harley Davidson quilts
  8. 2 Orca Bay
  9. Stepping Stones
  10. 30's Dog prints


  1. Cheetah Blooming Nine Patch
  2. 1.5 strip mystery
  3. Gavan t-shirt quilt
  4. Poppy BQ
  5. Civil War Burgoyne Surrounded
  6. Elvis Big Block
  7. Louisiana Table Runner