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Saturday, September 25, 2021

September OMG Complete

I finished sewing all 7 columns together on my Lakeview Terrace quilt.  I found the tutorial of Missouri Star Quilt Co.

We have been trying for two months to pulling our camper into the driveway in order to protect the equipment from thieves.  We tried a few different tuggers.  These are motorized dollies you can attach to the trailer and manually pull it.  There is an incline on the driveway and we just could not get them to work.

Ray bought a winch and installed a stake in the ground and welded the winch to it.  He’s had one trial run and gotten everything to work the way he hoped.  Tomorrow we are going to test it out again to make sure we have a handle on.  The winch was covered by the metal box that normally goes on the generator.  We had a vinyl tarp in the garage.  We took a few measurements, cut the vinyl to the measurements and I boxed the corners on my 301.  I was happy it sewed through everything.

There will be a box over the tarp to prevent a trip hazard.  I texted Patty and sent her pictures.  I told her I was channeling my inner patty!  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Im almost done with my next cross stitch project.  I just lack the tutu.  I’ll add that once I decide how to finish it.  I may finish it and keep it in a ziploc to protect the 3D aspect of it.

I’m in search of my next cross stitch.  I may just generalize it to hand work or small project as I have lots of little things I just don’t get to but would like to.  I won a cute little wool project from Carole at  Quilting Adventures.  That seems to be the forerunner in my mind right now.

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Stitching and Stitching

I finished the stitching of my cute little dragonfly.  I did a little research on finishing it into a (pin) pillow and have to choose fabric to get that done.  This was a good starter piece because it helped remind me about chart reading and “special” stitches.

As soon as I completed that I sought out my next project and jumped right in.  I had been in a thrift store and the little kit was only  $1.99.  It has specialty threads in it that I wanted to learn to use.  I bought it at the time when my vision was at a bad place.  I wondered if I’d be able to stitch at the time and was unable to do so.  I put it away.

I picked it up a week ago and have made great progress.  I remember the frustration I felt when I first worked on it.  I have run into a tough part where I’m stitching white in single strand thread.  In addition to my lighting I may have to only stitch in the daytime as well in order to see it.  I decided to skip to the last of the color parts and then I’ll have to fill in with the white which may make it easier to see where I’m going.

This activity has greatly reduced my screen time too.  I have to start thinking about what’s next.

So lest you think I’m not quilting I have some progress there too.  There is now a double wide design board.  It’s amazing.  I lay out my Lakeview Terrace to get the color placement arranged.  I was surprised that I could see with my naked eye a spot that appeared washed out.  I moved that block to the edge where it wasn’t as noticeable.  When I took a picture I spotted another area and moved that to the edge as well.

Here is the final layout.  I just need to sew the columns together after I press them first to get finger pressed seams more firmly in place.

Hope you’re having a productive week in whatever you do.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Cross Stitching

I cross stitched starting way back in 1985 when I first moved to Texas.  I took on big projects because I didn’t know better.  I enjoyed it and bonded with my mother-in-law over the activity.  The supplies for different projects became her favorite gift to me on different occasions.  She passed suddenly in 1989.  I took over all of her unfinished projects and finished them.  Some of them led to me making accompanying pieces.  

I took solace in the work while I was bed ridden for the first trimester of my first pregnancy.  I had many completed pieces by the time I delivered my son.  Now with a child I did most of my stitching at lunchtime with coworkers. 

I had quite the collection of projects by now.  I had also found quilting.  I know I continued to stitch after my kids were born but it was less and less.  It’s not that I didn’t love it, it was just expensive with my family additions to worry about and a quilt, to me, was cheaper and easier to finish.

Fast forward to maybe 2014 and I see Jill at Darling Jill Quilts is cross stitching.  By now I have done a poor job of managing my diabetes and developed retinopathy.  As a result I had lots of laser surgery and was developing cataracts.  I was receiving other treatments but my eyesight was terrible.  In 2017 I had the cataracts removed.  I saw a cute little cross stitch kit at the thrift store and bought it.  I tried working on it but ended up with a knotted mess and set it aside.

When I had the cataract removal I moved to a new retinalogist.  He  gave me the same treatments as the previous doctor and got things better but then switched treatments.  About a year ago I started using a Dexcom glucose monitor.  My sugars have been the best ever since being diagnosed.  My eyesight is the best it’s ever been.

This year I saw Patty at Patty the Quilt Lady cross stitching and Judy at Patchworktimes cross stitching.  I bought another little kit in anticipation of trying my hand at cross stitching again.  Judy mentioned a light she tried and I ordered one.  It has 5 different strength lenses in it.  I’m using the 2.0 and have been able to accomplish a lot.  I’m still struggling with the best distance to hold my work but that’s trial and error.  I can only stitch an hour or so then have to take a break.

All the x’s were completed tonight.  Now I have to do the back stitching.  Dragonflies hold a special place for me so I’ll finish it in a way that I can keep it close at hand.  I need to find that other kit and go to work on it next!

Remember that an investment in your physical health is just as important as investing in your financial health.  It’s easier to keep your health than regain it!  Please take care of yourselves.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Lakeview Terrace Progress

I pressed all the blocks from my OMG quilt and played with the layout a little.  I’ll try to get it up on the design wall to make a decision.

They are both a zig zag look but one is vertical and the other is horizontal.  Would love any feedback.

Monday, September 06, 2021

September 2021 OMG

Normally I already know what my goal will be before the previous month is out.  This time I thought I’d pick the next scrappy quilt I had under waythen changed my mind.  I didn’t have anything else in mind so not sure what I was thinking.  I’m just going to go with the original idea which is my scrappy Lakeview Terrace by Missouri StarQuilt Co.

I finished making my blocks on Saturday.  They need to be pressed and laid out.  At this point I’m not planning to add a border.  Here is my work in progress.

I look forward to getting them pressed and up on the design wall.  

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Are you playing along?

Saturday, August 28, 2021

August 2021 OMG

Looks like I got lazy on the blogging!  I’m trying to think if there’s a reason why but can’t come up with anything.  I happily worked on my goal for the month and just stopped once I had the rows together. A weird phenomenon happened.  Once I saw the rows up on the design wall I felt the impetus to keep going just fade away.  You see, I wondered what all this scrappy goodness would look like.  In a way I had accomplished my goal.

I have a few commission quilts and I wandered off into that camp and worked on those.  After all I do need to get them done.  I even planned to blog about one of them but that didn’t happen either.  But
then…Patty posted the wrap up post for the OMG.  I thought to myself,the end of the month?  Already?  

That post was just the nudge I needed to get back to my goal.  I pinned the rows together and got the top sewn together last night.  Then this morning I took it to church and pressed it on the big board.  I enlisted a quilt holder and snapped this pic.  No border and I have gotten rave reviews.  Happiness abounds!

Linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts Finish linkup.  Hope you met your goals this month too!  

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Great Progress!

Every Saturday I meet my friends at church.  Moo moo always goes and is a big hit with most everyone.  Study this picture and think about what the thought bubble is above his head.

I sewed several evenings last week and chipped away at making my blocks for my Stacked Squares.  The tutorial can be found here.  This was me flexing my scrap using muscle.  I had made my envelope quilt and had a stack of fabric leftovers from that.  When I knew I was going to be short on colors I grabbed fabrics from a bag of scraps someone had left at church.  One night while sewing I wanted more red so I pulled my red bucket down and picked several.  Wow that was fun!

When I got to church I had all but 10 blocks done.  I had the pieces cut and ready to add.  I quickly sewed those on and then spent the next several hours pressing all those blocks.  Ugh!  Press as you go girl!  Yes, hours.

I threw them up on the design wall.  I already had in my head that I wanted them in rows.  I decided to try out the layout that Melissa showed in her tutorial.  I hated to admit I liked the circle design.  The girls were teasing me that I should put it up for a vote.  The overwhelming response was circles.  I did have a few in the lines corner.  My daughter even texted me and told me she liked the lines better.  It was very entertaining.

I’m seriously considering making one in the RSC colors.  I need to get more serious about finding projects I want to throw my scraps at.  More to come.

So back to Moo moo.  There are three of us that meet regularly.  Moo has known Linda from the first week I got him and has seen her every week since.  I’ve had him for a year now and he loves her.  Then there’s Karen.  Let’s just say she has too much energy for his liking.  He’s getting more accepting of her especially when she’s sharing her lunch with him.

I glanced over and saw him staring at her. I was a little surprised that I knew exactly what he was thinking.  I asked her if she knew what he wanted and she said she did.  He was not trying to get up on her lap.  This is what he wanted.

This is what he was thinking…. “ can you please get out of my chair?”.  In the past he jumped up when she went to cut or press.  Now he’s just downright rude and stares trying to will her to get up.  Spoiled!

Happy quilting!,


Monday, August 02, 2021

Round 3

I just finished sewing round 3 on all 42 blocks for my OMG.  I’ll have to press them all tomorrow and get the fourth anf final round ready.  I have about 10 blocks I’m trying to choose specific colors for and will sort those out first.  At this rate I’ll have my blocks done this week.  All the more time to play witchy he layout!

Sunday, August 01, 2021

August OMG 2021

I’m working from this tutorial by Happy Quilting.  I have most of the pieces cut.  I would say all but as each round is applied I’ve come up short a piece or two.

As I was applying the second round I was antsy to see a finished block so I sewed ahead.  This particular block is all purples but not all of my blocks are like this.  Some are themed in greens, metallics or red, whit and blue.  But mostly scrappy.

The setting will be 6x7.  My goal is to complete all 42 blocks and set them.  Adding a border will be a bonus as I have not thought that far ahead.

One thing that has been good about this is that I’ve had to dig into my scrap bucket for a few more pieces.  This has got me thinking more about using my scraps.  Doing a thing seems to make that thing easier.  Here’s hoping you’ll see more scrap use from me.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Vacation Continued

We had planned to head to the Alabama coast after leaving TN but Ray had a really rough start to the trip with poor health.  I had to keep reminding him that just because we said we were going to a place didn’t mean it was written in stone.  So, we skipped Alabama and went to Baton Rouge.  After a wonderful overnight with Glen and Frank we traveled a short 80 miles to my brother’s house in New Iberia.  We parked in his rented lot across from his house and camped there.

It was a nice visit.  A sight that caught me by surprise was a local cemetery.  I have seen pictures of those in New Orleans but forgot about them.  Due to a high water table the graves are very shallow.  They’re  either covered with a ledger stone or a vault partially buried or above the ground.  I’m generalizing so google for more info.

My brother was off work for the week so we had lots of family time.  We cooked and ate a lot.  We swam. My brother even took me to a quilt store!

In order, my niece and her son, my sister in law and her grandkids (children of niece),  my brother and his sons, my nephews again and my brother and I.  My brother and I have not had the greatest relationship.  We spent a lot of time talking.  He fell into his old ways of trying to be hurtful.  Ray always told me don’t let it bother me which was hard to do.  So the best part of this trip was that I felt very unaffected by him.  In fact, every time he tried to do this I just laughed, usually included with a look of maybe surprise that a laugh was about to spill forth.  I also spent a lot of my talking with my sister in law.  I had never really connected with her before but I think we connected finally.

So on a lighter note.  I asked my brother to make his pizza.  His wife did it but it was so good!  Home made dough, fresh veggies, sausage and pepperoni.  Yum!  My brother has a flat top griddle and made his bacon cheeseburgers for us.  So good.  Marinated chicken and veggies another night.  If you went hungry it was your own fault.  Their neighbor was so sweet.  He saw us come in and went and bought us chocolate bars and cokes.  We got to visit with him before we left and thanked him.

I asked my brother to take me to the quilt store one day.  Their hours were always such that I was there when they were closed.  This time was the right time.  Four little Cajun ladies were inside.  They were so sweet and we were all laughing.  One of them even came out and taught me a few cuss words in French.  I dented my bank account a little but it was worth it.  Here are a few of my finds.

Look closely at the fleur de lis fabric.  There are crawfish alternating with the flower.  There were several more panels but this one was my favorite.  The shop is Emily’s Closet.  They had a lot of unusual (to me) fabric selections.

From here we decided to go to Jefferson, TX.  There were 4 campsites to choose from but I picked Johnson Creek because Johnson is my maiden name.  I had been to Jefferson before and thought the area was nice so thought it was worth returning.  When we checked in I told the lady at the kiosk how I chose their camp. She told me she picked the place to work at because her name is Johnson!  I was amused.

We pulled down into the site and were greeted by some friends.

They would come to visit twice a day.  They stared at us waiting to feed them.  Eventually I gave them dog food.  My dog Bandit wasn’t too sure about his food being given away so he strategically parked himself.  He ultimately was mistaken by a fawn to also be a fawn.  The baby stood and stared at him happily wagging his tail.

Ray met our campground neighbor.  He managed to get an invite on his boat so we got to do a little fishing and touring on Lake of the Pines.  The dogs weren’t too sure about it at first but then settled in nicely.

We spent three nights here just relaxing and talking.  It was a nice end to a long vacation.  We plan to visit this area again.

Happy quilting!