Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse from Dallas

These photos were shared with me.

This picture was taken with a cell phone through special glasses.

This picture was taken on a roof. The trees leaves filtered the rays and you can see the crescent.

I took these last photos with my cell phone just out of curiosity. What will I catch?

Hope you got to experience the eclipse where ever you are.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Double Wedding Ring Quilts

I think I own every single pattern and template there is to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt. I was driven by my mothers desire to own one. Ultimately, I bought an antique one and gifted it to her. She passed four years ago and that quilt is now in my collection.

In November of 2012 I pulled out a Double Wedding Ring quilt UFO that I bought at a garage sale and asked Mom to pick out the hideous purple pieces that were used as the background. She happily did so and sadly I came down with some sort of flu so we didn't spend much time together. At the time I did not know this would be the last project she and I would work on together before she passed the following May.

This is the background.

Here are my choices for a replacement. Preferences?

Here are all the choices together. Which do you prefer?

I bought the Accuquilt GO die. I hope the pieces are the same size. Will report back but help me choose first!



Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Glitter Bomb!!

While thinking about how I'll be quilting the purple cow I chose the fabric to make a backing for the double four patch.

I bought the rest of the bolt of a glittery grey that I used in this top. I decided to prewash it because I wasn't sure how the machine would handle the glittery fabric.

So sparkly....

So glittery!!!

Now I know what it feels like to be glitter bombed!!



p.s. That's the garage floor in front of the dryer in that last picture.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Happy Blocks Finish

I finished quilting this little gem Thursday night. Trimmed, made the binding and attached it Friday night. Saturday a.m. I got up and finished the job.

I took it to the LQS for a little show and share. Tossed it in the washer and dryer. That evening I gifted it to my friend.

Friday night at church I think was the first time I finished everything I took with me to work on. I trimmed the little quilt above. I made and attached the binding. I added the borders to my double four patch. I dethreaded a quilt top that had been washed and frayed that I plan to quilt next.

My double four patch.

I plan to quilt it on the diagonal with wavy lines.

My next quilting subject. A baby BQ that I call purple cow.

I'm going to load the top as if it were the back then load the cow patterned back as the top and outline the spots. I am still trying to decide how I'll transition from spot to spot. Any suggestions?

The Happy Blocks were my IMG finish. I'm linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts.



Wednesday, August 02, 2017

August OMG

I will be finishing up the quilting on this little table topper and binding it.

I am stitching in the ditch around the blocks and the inside square. Then in the black space I am stitch ditching to give the appearance of the happy block. Pardon the chalk lines.

i am gifting this to a friend that just finished her sewing room in turquoise and black. Her husband gave her a treadle and I made it to use as a table topper for that machine.

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts OMG goal linkup.