Judy L's UFO Challenge

Friday, November 27, 2015

Feedsack Patches

My goal to finish this quilt is almost met.  I just have to finish quilting the side borders and bind it.  I think I can get this done since it's a little one at 38x48.  If I can get the binding made and sewn on Sunday I should be able to get it tacked down by Monday...gulp.... It could happen!

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!



Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Quilted

I've finished another quilt on my Avante.  I tried more complex things.  I had tension issues.  I got some learning in.

I only basted the top edge.  I didn't have issues with the other three sides.  I free handed a wave design across the top and down the sides as I went.  At first I was quilting the center then the sides.  At some point I quilted the sides then center.  I made it work but will try not to repeat that error.

I was pretty consistent down the sides until I got to the end.  I wasn't feeling my best and my corners ended weird.  I drew it out but it just didn't work.  I'll try turning it next time so the side borders are at top and bottom.  I need to take a small step back until I've had more practice.  

Someone suggested I make my loops bigger.  I like how they look but I get bored quickly!  I'll work it out.

Finally I need to pay closer attention when winding my bobbin.  The thread slipped out of the tension discs.  I think this was the root of my tension issues.

Next up is a little quilt I pieced.



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Four Patch on Point

I was gifted a baggy of squares.  I picked out the pink and the black and decided to make 4patches.  I have wanted to make a 4 or 9 patch on point quilt so here was my opportunity.  Now I am trying to choose a color for the alternate blocks.  The fabric is not necessarily what I will use (it's clothing in some cases) but is meant to nudge me in the right direction.  What color do you like host?  Should I try others?

Red.  Green.  Pink.  Black.  White.  

I will save my opinion until I hear others.

Monday, November 02, 2015

November a Lovely Year of Finishes

I have managed to set and meet a goal for three months in a row participating in this challenge.  I have decided to quilt a top I made as the ones I've quilted so far were pieced by others for Project Linus.  This may very well go there as well unless someone determines a better destination.  So will quilt and bind this by end of month.

To see what other goals have been set click here.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Quilting Update on Avante

I have had my Avante for two months now.  I played on her for probably 6 weeks.  Here are some pics if my work.  The first shows working on a pantograph.  Too rigid for me but I'll try again someday.

This is some of the ideas I saw elsewhere and ideas of my own that I toyed with.

Mire doodling playing with hearts and leaves and vines and stars.

I took my practice quilt off the frame and loaded my first quilt.  I started to baste it and hit the leader knocking the basket out that holds the bobbin.  I was stuck until I could get someone to come look at it or I could take it to someone.  My salesperson was in France so I asked someone in town to help me out.  We made arrangements for them to teach us how to re-time the machine.  They came over and had us fixed up lickety split.

I loaded the first quilt which I blogged about previously.  Here it is again.

I am pleased with the outcome but definitely needed to relearn some things.  I took the quilt to Wattafind in Mesquite and Jaqueline helped me figure out what I was doing wrong.  She explained some things and suggested some others.  Based on my blog I also got suggestions from Glen of Quikts and Dogs on some things to try.  With this new knowledge in my head I quilted this.


I am happier with this outcome.  Still lots of learning ahead.  I have another quilt loaded that I will use the same thread on then will be changing thread colors.  That in itself may present a whole new set of learnings.  Will report back on my adventures.

Quilts hugs!