Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stashbuster Topic of the Week: What get's in the way of my quilty progress? Well I can look around and blame all sorts of things. I work, a LOT. I have the family to attend to and on and on. But, I am also a big proponent of squeeking in 15 minutes here and there to accomplish things.

I made a good deal of progress a couple weeks ago when I turned out three tote bags. Then after that not too much. I continued to sketch and plan my Round Robin row. I have been doing this for weeks! Then it hit me. I worried that it wouldn't be perfect so I was afraid to start until I knew it would be "right". Well now this is my design so who is to say what is right?

This realization was a slap in the face. I immediately got up and went into my sewing room and completed the first two sides of my round. I proudly showed my friends in #quiltchat. They all gave me design "suggestions" after asking about my plans. Some of their thinking was similar to mine and actually meant a better product I think. My initial reaction was to re-draw it. I said no, I am going to just sew it. I went into work on the last two sides. The top was easy, a plain strip. The bottom I had originally planned a full row of pickets across the front. This changed to leave an opening in the fence to lead to the front of the house. I marked my sewing lines and cut my rails shorter and sewed it on. I then sewed pickets on to find that the rails were too long. No big deal, I unpicked the end from the back, trimmed it and sewed the last picket down. Repeat for the other side. See the pics below. I think it turned out great! Just a few more items to add and it is done done.

So what gets in your way?

Monday, June 25, 2007

More Round Robin. I am done with the fence. I plan to add a bunny in a corner from the FQs pictured. Probably the pink. Will add a flower on the opposite corner. Might add a bird at top center with a small ribbon in it's beak. Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sneak Peek My first round robin. Here is what I have done so far.....

Mesquite Quilt Show Loot I didn'y buy fabric as I am on No Buy. But let me tell you I actually felt a little down thinking of all the things I had at home that I really needed to get done. Curbed my appetite! So here is what I did buy. Some templates, pins, bobbins, a batt and a "tool box". I did buy one tote pattern. This will help me use up some of the pre-quilted fabric I accumulated one year.
Yes there is a DVD there too. I bought these patterns several years ago. I could never remember all the tips given to make the item. I broke down and bought the DVD. No more excuses!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

High Five! Here is my first post on the new computer! So much better! Check this out... He is 7 months old and we taught him this trick in just 2 days.

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Toys. Hubby bought me a new computer last Sunday. I spent most evenings on conference calls and did not feel like setting it up and managing those calls as well. Saturday a.m. I planned to get up and get to it but we had a service repairman that came to work on the equipment that supports our internet. I didn't want to be working on the computer in the middle of that. As soon as he left I set the new machine up and started loading the software. I got the internet connectivity going and downloaded several pieces of software. It went pretty well. Now I have to download data from the old machine that I want to save and move it over. Less urgency to get that done.

The other new toy is a floor model Ott lamp. I have the table top model. I bought another using my 40% off coupon as there was not much to choose from. I went to a bigger store and they had the floor lamp for $100. That was better than using the 40% coupon. I set it up pretty easily and think it will be great. I found some reviews from people that complain it is too short. I just need it to shine light over my shoulder while I am seated. I am sure it will be great for that!
And yes, I promised to take more pictures. Haven't tried that out yet with the new computer.....I know I know. Cut me some slack. Another weekend of conference calls. I want my evenings and weekends back!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tree of life. This tree is in my front yard. When dh and I bought the house in 1986 his mother would come to visit quite often. She bought us three trees. They all looked like sticks in the ground. I can't remember if she paid $5 or $15 for each of them. One of them died but the other two just flourished. The other is a Bradford Pear and is in the back yard. This is a red oak.

His mother died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1989. It was a shock but I must tell you that through this tree I feel she is still with us. It has grown big and strong. It produces a lot of acorns and we are always pulling up saplings from the yard. I should share these with the neighborhood as many people have scrub trees that have begun to die off.

We talk about moving all the time and one thing that dh and I always agree on. We will take acorns and saplings with us so that his mom can continue to be with us.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Quilting Assistant. Here is my quilting assistant, Rascal. Hubby rescued him from a pound in Tulsa, OK. Hubby saw him on a website and arranged for someone to drive that dog down to Texas. He went and met the lady in Sherman, TX and happily drove him home. I am not sure what hubby saw in this dog but he sure wanted him. He even looked just like his sister and we considered adopting both of them. We were told that he was a mix of Australian Shepherd and Jack Russell Terrier. By his appearance we thought the Jack Russell size would be a heavy influence and he would be our little dog. We already owned one Australian Chow mix and three purebred Australian Shepherds. These dogs were right around the 50 pound mark and I had been used to smaller dogs. I was so happy to have a little dog again.

When he arrived we gave the kids strict orders to not hold him all the time. Every time I went to sit or lie down I had that dog in my arms or on my chest. I was reminded and teased regularly what a hypocrite I was. Yes I know, but I couldn't help it. I am not quite sure when or how it happened but this tiny little boy grew to be our biggest dog. He hovers around 70 pounds. How did a 50 pound breed and a 30 pound breed yield a 70 pound dog. Shouldn't I have gotten an average and not a breed plus breed weight?? Sheesh. Rascal has been with us for about 5 years. I had not spent much time sewing when he arrived but really got back to my sewing and sewing room last summer. I noticed that whenever I went in there that Rascal would jump on the couch and peak through the french door to watch. He sure was interested in what I was doing in there. This progressed to him standing at the door and "knocking" on it and crying to be let in. It just became habit to call and let him in immediately rather than hearing him cry and having to stop what I was doing to let him in.

He has been "locked out" so much that this year he doesn't even cry. He just works on that door handle or door edge until he gets it open and lets himself in. He has lovingly become known as Mom's quilting dog. His door opening ability was amusing up until several weeks ago when he was "helping" me by holding the floor down. One of my other dogs decided to sit at the door and whine because she felt she needed to be in the sewing room as well. I chose to ignore her pleas and called to the family asking them to distract her. Next thing I know Rascal jumped up and opened the door to let her in. I could not believe it. I will just have to tolerate all this company I suppose. Even though he gets up and down and wraps himself around my legs everytime I move I still love his company and his help. I did not think I could love a big dog as much as I love him!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Totes and more totes! I had a busy productive weekend. I had finished one tote earlier this week and finished two more over the weekend. This was in spite of working all through the weekend. When I finished up the totes I picked up my round robin I need to add a round to and continued sketching out the design. I really spend a lot of time planning before cutting. I even practiced sewing some ribbon onto fabric to see what I would be facing. It was easy. Now to quit putting off actually doing the row!

Good news! As you have seen I am not good about posting pictures. There is a reason for this. My computer is so slow. It takes forever to upload the pics from my camera to my computer then edit and load to my blog. It makes me nuts. It also locks up my computer and I cannot do much else. Well, dh and I went out and bought a new computer for me. I have to time moving over to the new machine but will do that this week. You should see more pictures from me soon!

Hope you had a quilty weekend!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What can you do with 30 minutes? I am not sure if I accomplished a lot or a little. This is mainly an observation. I do know that regardless of what I accomplished it had to be done to make progress.

  • setup the ironing board
  • pressed the already cut 4 strips for one tote
  • trimmed and pressed another 4 previously cut 4 strips for another tote
  • trimmed and pressed the fusible webbing (already cut to width) to all 8 strips
  • put away the project and ironing board

Is that a lot? I don't know. I was surprised it took me that long but I also piddle along the way. I am sure the dogs had to go out at least once and I was called over to look at something on the tv.

Stashbuster Topic of the Week. Are you a hand, machine or send out to be quilted quilter. For the most part I am a machine quilter. I sent out a King size quilt this year to be quilted as I knew that it would be too hard for me to quilt by machine myself. I have dabbled in hand quilting. I felt so frustrated as it seemed to be too slow. I decided to pick it out and was amazed at what I had accomplished in the short time I spent! What an eye opener! So mostly I am a machiner with basic skills and I am working on branching out into free motion.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Quilty Weekend. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I am always seeking balance. I think I managed that well over the weekend. I kept up with chores, decluttering, sewing and relaxing. Stress free fun. I finished a totebag that I have been working on and cut out two more of another pattern of my own. I washed some fabric for other projects and frogged an RR that I am working on.

While I was working on these projects I thought how easy it would be to just pull out a UFO and work on it for a few minutes in between steps. Even within my quilting I need balance! I made a list of projects that I need to accomplish in the near term and was please with my progress against that list.

Sorry no pics...the tote is a gift but I will add it later this week.