Judy L's UFO Challenge

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wingspan Triangle 2

I started the second triangle of my Wingspan shawl.  This is a free pattern on ravelry.

Go checkout what everyone else has on their hooks and needles over at Patchworktimes.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Basting a King

I brought this king quilt with me to spread out on the hotel room floor and pin baste it.  I didn't have enough pins so I concentrated on the center portion for now and will get that quilted.  Then I will be moving pins to another section so I can concentrate on that.

This is the crochet version of the WingSpan shawl.  You can get the free pattern on ravelry.  I had a big section done but realized I was working the pattern incorrectly.  I was going to frog and redo it.  I forgot it at home and will do that later.  Luckily I had my second skein with me.  I went and bought a new hook and went to work.  It does seem to be going together a lot more quickly this time/