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Friday, June 03, 2022

June OMG and Healing

I have another repair job to do!  This comes from a friend of ours who’s baby quilt had come undone.  I took the job on and have separated the top from the back.  There is no batting and it was done in QAYG style.  I’ll be replacing the missing squares and quilting it with its original back.  The binding was dry rotted and I will have to completely replace it.

My goal for this month is to complete the repair and bind it.

Thanks for all the well wishes for the recovery from my spill.  I was advised to wear my boot for two weeks.  Once I returned home I went straight to my podiatrist and he suggested I go three so I did.  Toward the end of the week I started practicing wearing shoes in the house.  I was shocked at how stiff my ankle was but I seem to be walking normally again.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Paducah Part 2 and May OMG

I rested on Tuesday.  Here I am with Moo practicing sitting.  You can see I had a very warm jacket on.  It was beautiful watching the ducks on the river.  Over the course of the week we saw barges, tugboats, personal watercraft and a river boat!  The latter sent me off goggling river cruises on the Ohio and other adjoining rivers.  It’s amazing what is available out there.

When we were at Hancock s of Paducah I did make a modest purchase.  Three yards total of two Tim Holt’s Abandon.  I had previously purchased other pieces from the line and will be toying with an artsy quilt at some point.

Wednesday arrived and I eagerly got ready to head to the AQS show of Paducah.  Ray chauffeured me to the front door.  I followed the line and purchased my ticket.  I wasn’t clear where the show entrance was and went the “wrong” way.  It turned out to be right because I bumped into Sharon.  She just came from a class.  She escorted me to the proper entrance.  We toured the quilts and vendors eventually parting ways.  It was very crowded and overwhelming.  Their setup was a little confusing to me.  I had a few things I wanted to accomplish vendor wise.  I wandered the aisles, took pictures and rested often.  I bumped into Sharon when I exited the hall.  We had lunch together and visited.  I was happy for these accidental meetups.  When we finished she explained to me how to get to my next destination.  We hugged, said goodbye and wished each other well.  

I went to the other exhibition hall and saw more quilts.  I found the vendors I was looking for and made my planned purchases.  I was completely exhausted after only 4.5 hours.  Ray texted me to check on me throughout.  When I was done I told him where I was.  He managed his way past barriers meant to keep him out.  I’m not sure I could have made it.  He picked me up outside the door and collected me and my purchases.  While I wish I had gotten to see more I did see quite a lot in that short time.

We returned to the campground and finished out the week.  We knew the weather was going to take a turn and headed out to Arkansas a day earlier than planned.

It just dawned on me that this is the last day of May and I need to link up my OMG.  I did complete my goal of adding the label to my commissioned quilt. I added hand quilting to it in some places to secure it since it was so large.  I even delivered it to its owner and she was very pleased.

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Paducah part 1

I left Texas back on April 22nd heading for Paducah, KY.  Sharon, from https://too-many-hobbies.blogspot.com/, had asked me earlier in the year if I would be attending the AQS show in Paducah.      Ray and I had been discussing vacation plans previously.  We discussed a trip to California but with the rising gas prices we started thinking we should consider something closer.  

I pitched the idea to Ray after looking for camping facilities around Paducah.  We discussed what he would do while I was off playing with Sharon.  He agreed and the plan was set in motion.  I let Sharon know of our plans.  We discussed her planned itinerary and decided points where we could interact with one another.  We talked via FB messenger and zoom.  I shared weather reports with her up until near her departure.  There were weather concerns but luckily it wasn’t an issue.

Our departure was late that Friday.  We drove until we were too tired to continue.  We pulled off on a side road and just snoozed in the truck.  The following morning we got on the road bright and early.  We drove a few hours before stopping to gas up.  On the way out of the station the wind came up and blew my hair into my face and mouth.  Instead of STOPPING so that I could see I kept on walking and talking forgetting about the curb I had to step up on when going in.

I must have caught the edge with my heel.  My feet folded right under me and I went straight down on my knees.  It happened so fast I didn’t try to break my fall so no injuries to my arms, hands or wrists.  I have neuropathy so couldn’t really feel any pain but my body knew it hurt!  I limped back to the truck and we completed our journey.

I can make this story really long but I’ll just say I went to urgent care the next day.  Had X-rays, was diagnosed with a severe sprain and walked out with a boot.  My overall plans for the week with Sharon did not change.  The two things that did change were that Ray became my chauffeur everywhere I went and my time out and about was drastically shortened.

On Monday I met Sharon at Hancock of Paducah.  I was thrilled to finally meet her after “knowing” her since 2007.  I know she doesn’t like to publicly share her image in public.  Hope you don’t the smiley face 🙂 

In light of my injury we accelerated one plan and went to The National Quilt museum.  I loved their exhibits but especially enjoyed the Australian exhibit.  We also managed a visit to Hobby Lobby and a bite of lunch.  By squeezing this all into one day I was able to take Tuesday off for a rest before the show opening.

Sharon very generously gifted me with some teas and a few pieces of fabric.

I loved this welcome seen as we were driving around town.

I’ll share more about the show later this week

Saturday, May 07, 2022

May OMG 2022

Just returned from vacation.  Wanted to post this goal before the linky closed.  I have to apply the label to the umbrella ladies quilt.

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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Busy Week

Lot's going on.

The quilt I made from the hankies and umbrella ladies was quilted by someone else.  I got it back last week and made the binding following the Susie’s Magic Binding method.  First time and very easy to do.  I also made a pillow case that matches the back.  I will add the label and return it to it's owner.

I finished the Mint Chocolate top I had shown previously and the Salsa top.

I led a sew along of a quilt called Positivity by Jan Ochterbeck from her book Cut and Shuffle quilts.  Was a fun and quick process.

So as to not let any grass grow under my feet, I started on Bonnie Hunters Bear Branch quilt.  I’m sewing along with two other ladies.  I thought I was behind but found out they had not started cutting yet.  Will be fun to see if I motivate them to start!

I will be heading to Paducah next week so won’t be sewing much then but hope to accomplish a lot before I go!  I’ll be meeting Sharon after having known her online since at least 2009.  I’m very excited!

What are you working on?  

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Thursday, April 07, 2022

How Do You Work?

I am making a quilt from a Walmart project sheet.  I bought a “kit” from an estate sale.  The person bought all the called for fabric.  Unlike the other kit I made, I used all the “calledfor” fabric.  That means my quilt will look just like the picture.

I made a few changes.  First I decided to make fewer blocks to make it close to 60x80”.  Then, I changed up the instructions so that I could cut using the easy and companion angle rulers and strips.  Of course this changed the number of strips I needed to cut so I estimated the number of strips I would need and figured out the new piece count.  Using this information, I cut all the strips I thought I would need just to make the blocks.  I try to cut all the strips I’ll need even if making a scrappy quilt.

I started sewing the geese first.  While sewing them I realized I had only cut enough pieces for 80 geese, not the actual 160 that I needed.  Normally I would cut the rest and keep going.  I was so disheartened I made a single block.  Then I made two blocks, sewing and trimming the geese as I went.

In the process of cutting and sewing for a block at a time I cut the rest of the strips I needed.  Then I cut the rest of the pieces I needed.  I was 2 strips short and cut those eventually.

When I reached 10 blocks I got serious and finished making all the geese, trimming all the geese and began chain sewing.

In no time I had all 20 blocks sewn.  I had also figured the number of strips for the sashing and cut those during this process.  I have now pieced the horizontal sashes and will attach the vertical sashes to all the blocks.  I hope to have a completed top before the weekend is out.

How do you work?  Cut all the pieces, sew all the sub units, sew the blocks, and so on?  Do you cut a little sew a little?  Do you do as your spirit moves you in the moment?

Would ovevto hear from you. 

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Bad Blogger and OMG

I made this from an estate kit that I bought.  The lady used to go to Walmart every week and buy all the called for fabric when the sheet came out.  I substituted gold in for one of the choices.

This picture made me laugh because you can see the quilt holder (me) holding up the top.  I really love that smashing!

I moved on to this quilt which is from the same estate with the same story.  Walmart project sheet.  My goal is to finish all 20 blocks and complete the top.

It’s official name is Mint Chocolate.  I’ll see what other name I might come up with.

I’m running a little sew along with my group of church ladies.  I’ll show completed tops when we finish.  Here’s a teaser of my blocks.

I’ll have that top done too in the next few weeks.

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