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Saturday, August 08, 2020


If you’ve been reading awhile you know that sometimes this can be eventful.  This was one of those years!

We went to Tennessee first.  I got to meet my boyfriends son and grandkids for the first time.  We got to celebrate a birthday and then the Fourth of July.  It was fun to get to know everyone and to see their traditions.  Sadly they had to put their horse down while we were there.  They knew the time was approaching but the excitement of the fireworks resulted in the horse being knocked down and unable to stand up.  It was a sad day.

We had our motorcycle with us.  We got out for a short ride.  What beautiful countryside.  I ended up hyperextending my knee.  I managed the pain with ibuprofen and ice.  I tried to walk down the steps of the camper like a regular staircase.  Bad choice.  My age is really showing!

From there we went to Michigan.  We camped in five different places.  Only one was a campground.  The rest were driveways of friends or family.  We enjoyed our visits and did encounter some rain.  Was nice to have the air get a scrubbing.  While in MI my allergies were so bad that I ended up very congested and dizzy.  

We were going to go on to WI and MN but decided to head home.  We are new to camping in his camper and trying to figure things out was overwhelming.  We left Sunday night and drove a few hours stopping still in MI.  We got up in the morning.  Still blah and dizzy.

Ray wanted me to start off driving which I was ok with.  I went to trade places with him and woke up on the ground.  Ray said he was able to catch me and ease me down.  I got my wits about me and drove.  

By the next day I knew something was wrong with my right ankle.  I have neuropathy and do not really feel anything.  We safely got home Tuesday and I called my foot doc.  Broken tibia and tibia.

I had surgery on Friday and now have a rod and screws.  I’ve already had one cast change and go back on the 17th.  Hopefully I’ll graduate to a boot and can put weight on it then.  Right now hopping on a walker is difficult.

Not much quilty going on other than planning at the moment.  This leads to trouble!

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Cream and Sugar Block of the Month

So I did a thing.  Last year year a good friend of mine was arranging to teach a block of the month.  She got as far as choosing the pattern and the fabrics and then she accepted a job far, far away.  She knew I wanted to teach classes one day and asked if I wanted to take over.

The class was offered in two different color ways. One modern or brights and the other traditional or civil war.  I thought she had a tentative plan for which fabrics for which blocks thus creating an overall vision.  When I asked her for her plan she said I should create my own.

I had a sample of fabrics that had been chosen and took the pattern and copied the layout page.  I colored in various blocks with colors similar to the fabrics.  With my sketch in hand I made many trips to the quilt store and auditioned fabrics together and took pictures.  This was after using my samples at home to make basic decisions.

I had twenty in two separate classes.  At each meeting I taught different techniques to the class and showed my sample block.  I talked about construction tips and tricks.  People brought their completed blocks and were given the next months fabrics.  If they hadn’t completed their blocks they pay a small fee for the kit.

When the pandemic hit I helped the shop with curbside pickup of the blocks.  I think we skipped a month.  It was nice seeing everyone in their car for a private show and tell of their blocks and a quick exchange of tips.  I’ve lost three people due to either being discouraged at falling behind or becoming impatient with having to wait month after month.  Some others have fallen behind but are sticking with it.  I’m going to suggest a class to allow people to come and sew and catchup.

I have all the blocks made now.  I’ve started putting the top together and now have to wait for the rest of the blocks to be handed out to finish assembling it.

I’ve been updating my friend as I go.  I think she’s pleased with the direction I’ve taken.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Dutchman’s Puzzle Complete

The top is complete.  Was a design as you go process and was fun to work on.

This is a closeup of the border.  I used the bonus triangles from making the geese for the center.  It’s called migrating geese.  I didn’t make it the same way that pattern called for because I wanted to use up what I had.

Happy quilting!


Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dutchman’s Puzzle

This is from a swap I participated in ending last year.  We chose block patterns and provided fabric.  Some people chose up to a dozen patterns.  Each month you made 2 blocks using the patterns and fabrics provided and then passed the box.  We met for lunch with each person choosing a location in turn.  As you can see I chose a single pattern.  I had to make additional blocks and I did take a few apartbthat had pinwheel centers from the color placement.

I was handed back the box along with all the scraps.  There was a bag of off cut triangles from making the geese. For many years I had been wanting to make the migrating geese border.  I am just “winging”!the pattern and I think it’s turning out great!  Two sides will be red and two will be blue.  All the borders are mostly made.  I just need a place to lay it out and finish up.  I hope to post a completed top soon!

What are you working on?


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Finished Frolicking

I finished my top. I used a border I saw on FB. There are lots of creative people out there. It was hard to choose!

I’ll share what I’m working on now soon.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Modern BOM

One thing I'm allergic to is making a quilt that looks like everyone else's. I did this BOM at my LQS for which they gave a suggested layout. I sat in class one day staring at the wall of blocks made to date while they were talking about finishing kits. I looked at the fabric choices and was just not in love with anything.

At the next class I continued to look at those blocks and an idea popped into my head. I was going to put HSTs all around the blocks to form a stripe. When I did my bad quilt math it seemed like it was going to be too large so I altered my idea a little and here is what I came up with.

Do you like BOM programs?


Monday, March 02, 2020

Did You Frolic With Bonnie

I did! I wasn't as fast as a lot of others and I'm glad. I've been collecting border ideas. I even chose one and began sewing for it then saw some other great ideas! Darn!

I’m trying to get around to your blogs.  Leave me a comment.  It will get me there faster!