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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May OMG Finished!

My goal for May was to make two flimsies from my row by row quilt and to finish my bandana shirt. You've already seen the two flimsies:

They will be quilted later on.

Tonight I finished my bandana shirt. The iriginsl pattern called for using 6 bandanas. While I was shopping I decided to make it reversible. 12 bandanas. This is one of my 2Q goals for the finish along.

I plan to wear it as a windbreaker on the motorcycle.

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts and She Can Quilt for 2Q FAL. My list if FAL goals is here.



Sunday, May 21, 2017

May OMG Part 2

Here is the second wall hanging. I was thinking I had cut the border a little too narrow but now that it's sewn I think it looks great.

Now onto the bandana shirt!



Saturday, May 20, 2017

Away Sewing

I've been working on this quilt pretty regularly at different venues over the last month or so. This is round five of six. I have a green solid border that I'm adding and actually have the two sides done already. The sixth round is more slab borders with another pieced border that goes at the top and bottom. Those borders are already made and will just need to be cut to size and attached.

This quilt is called Crossroads and is designed by Ashley Newcomb of Film in The Fridge.



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OMG Part 1

My goal is to make 2 wall hangings flimsies and finish my bandana shirt. Yesterday I decided to quit moping around and DO something sewing wise at home.

Here is wall hanging one. I quite like it.

Here is planned wall hanging two. I layed everything out to get a sense of size of borders. I am going to cut 3.5" strips for the borders to make the most of the backing I bought for it.

Hoping this little bit of activity will get me moving again.



Monday, May 08, 2017

Chronicles of Suzette

Yup. That's me. Suzette. Did you ever wonder why I was helping Sandra so much? Other than the fact I was unemployed with lots of free time on my hands? Well I am a bit of a clutterbug myself. I must admit I do hoard a bit in the fabric department. Reluctant to let things go and always accepting things from others. I do try to share with others as often as I can to keep it in check.

Rewind to last fall. My daughter moved out and I immediately took over her room creating a storage area for things like Christmas dishes, my sewing machine collection and tons of fabric! I setup my cutting table so that I could always leave it up. I was in heaven. Well a very messy cluttered heaven.

Over the past few weeks there had been trouble at her place. She easn't getting along with her roommate. He holds the lease. So no surprise she was asked to move out. She hurriedly tried to find a place. She found one and we thought things were going to work out. Then there was an incorrect negative item on her credit report. No choice. She moved back in with me last week while we get her report corrected.

I got home last Thursday and there she was with three helpers. We made a plan of where things would go and they started moving. Most of my stuff is now stacked in my living room behind my recliner so I don't have to see it, if I don't look. I made sure my sewing room didn't get totally blocked off and that I still have free access to my long arm.

By the next day she was all moved back into her room. I was once again surrounded by all my stuff.

I had plans to go sew at the church with my friends Friday night. This whole experience took a direct hit on my mojo. I got there and I was missing things from my sewing bag like pins and scissors. I had misplaced my final months kit for the BOM I'm working on so that weighed on my mind. I didn't bring the extra fabric from the month I was currently working on and needed a few things from it. It was just not a happy time. I persevered and managed to get one border side done and the majority of the second done.

I went home. Not relaxed nor energized. I sat in the middle of my stuff all weekend and never made a single stitch. I did manage to locate the missing kit. To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. I need to do something.

My plan tonight is to work on something for a short amount of time to try and get myself rolling again. It's been hard since I felt I had really made some progress on getting things under control. The clutter was way down. I will persevere.

Sorry this is such a downer post. Hopefully I'll have some quilty content soon.



Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Row Options

I've been considering the possibilities. Here are some additional options.

Clamshells with the beach scene. I love it just as it is with no additional borders. Will have to do more ripping and sewing on this.

I thought I would audition the splash or wave row with the umbrellas. I don't love this. I'll have to continue stewing on this for a bit.



Monday, May 01, 2017

Row by Row Destruct

I took my row by row apart. I have some rows still sewn together that I might group.

The armadillo row will be surrounded with bluebonnets more than likely.

The magician fish will probably be surrounded by a fireworks print I just bought. There will be words appliqued on it too.

Finally the umbrella row. I am not sure what to do with that one. I may play with the 30's prints used in the umbrellas.

Open to suggestions on any of these.

The remaining four rows are in two sections now. I'm seriously considering sewing them together. I have fabric that has starfish and other shells on it. I also have anchor fabric. I really need suggestions on what to do with these rows.

Please give your ideas!




As I was finishing up last months goal I started thinking about what I would work on this month. I even posted a list of potential "nexts". As I typed I thought how ridiculous it was that I had not finished my bandana shirt. I also got a response from one of my readers that knows I'm struggling with confidence on my longarm. She suggested I go with my row by row which will create lots of small projects that may help me get on my machine more.

So my goal is to finish my reversible bandana shirt.

To make the goal a little more of a stretch I'm also going to disassemble my row by row quilt and add borders to at least two of them to make wall hangings.

Join us at Elm Street Quilts and set an achievable goal. Then link up at the end of the month with your finish. You could win a prize! I have won a few times now.