Judy L's UFO Challenge

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Still Folding and Sorting

When I was folding my yardage I was also sorting out FQs and other small cuts.  I have a dresser and have been color sorting them there.  

I showed my racks of fabric but what wasn’t shown were the cabinets in my sewing room.  Here is where I will keep my categories that I want to keep separate from the general stash.  Shown here are batiks, Christmas, fall, oriental and winter.  

I’m currently folding novelties.  Three types, juvenile, rainbow and wildlife (bugs).  Next will be florals.  Once those are done I’ll be going back to the general stash and pulling out things that need to go in these categories to make room for what’s left.

I am doing a general tidy in the rooms of scraps, kits, notions and patterns.  I have been pulling things that I no longer have an interest in working with.  I’ve identified a few projects I want to make right now.  I will seriously destash once I am done folding and see what fits.  This is my reality check.  No new fabric purchases.

What’s happening in your sewing world?

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Getting Organized

I have been diligently folding fabric.

Here are the reds through greens.  There is wiggle room for any foundlings.  I have large pieces for backings stacked on top.  Those a future folding endeavor.

Then there are the blues through the grays.  Stacked on top are my creams and whites intended for backgrounds.

Then we have the inevitable Dammit pile.  As on dammit I already folded that color.  Thank goodness for wiggle room.  There’s more beyond what’s shown.

I have also been making bindings as I encounter small caches of fabric that were intended for that very thing.  My goal was one a week and I’ve exceeded that.  I have mynext few sets ready to be processed.  I have liberated so many project totes that I may get rid of some of them but that will be after I finish my quest.  

My quest is to not have fabric in every part of the house.  I have three designated spots.  Stash room, sewing room and my longarm space.  It’s improving with each passing day.

What’s happening in your sewing world?

Monday, June 05, 2023

Where Did May Go?

I’m still here.  Getting things finished to the top stage.  I even have a few cut kits that were someone else’s UFO, a new start and some organizing!

This is called Now and Later.  Purchased kit from an estate sale.  It’s a freebie that was tucked in with a magazine subscription.  There were enough pieces to make one big quilt.  I opted to make two.  The smaller one ghastly a whir border.  The larger No border but if a recipient is identified and I need it larger I can easily add that.  This one was more color planned where the other was random.  I did try to break up color and/or print.  What’s your preference?

While going through things I ran across these blocks that I had made from some kits I had won for being a quilt angel at the Dallas Quilt Show.  I only received 11 of the 12 but was able to figure out the pattern.  After making one block I realized I’d have lots of extra fabric and managed to cut out the extra block as well only having to piece one piece.  I put the blocks up on the board and remembered a green I thought might work.  Brought both together and was happy with the result.

Here is my tiny treasure.  This little top is made up of 1.5” HSTs.  I love the broken dishes block and was inspired by Pam Avara’s quilts and borrowed her chaining idea.  I love the secondary pattern.  32”square.I have to figure out a matching binding as I foolishly cut all my yardage into 1.5” strips.

A new start!  I got to a point where I find he’d the work I brought with me so worked on this at the end of the day.  It came together quickly and is intended as a 60th birthday gift.  A freebie called Tumble.  I think it’s from the Fat Quarter Shop.

If you look at my previous post you’ll see Bright Hopes blocks set with gray.  I inherited those blocks.  The ones below I made myself.  I was going to make two jelly rolls worth but stopped after one.  I knew I needed a different setting so started playing with a 4 patch layout.  I chose to sash them and then set with this blue.  I wanted to bind the quilt in the blue but was left with lots of shorter pieces.  I think I had 3 WOF strips.  While pondering my options I dug through a bag of fabric a friend had gifted me.  Guess what was in there!??  The blue fabric!

This is my Bonnie Hunter Garden Party.  I was fortunate to take the class from her as a NYE mystery.  I just had to add borders.

So where have I been?  Sewing obviously.  In addition I have been decluttering.  I’m a little over halfway through getting rid of 2023 things.  I’ve shifted focus to changing my quilt house into a quilt studio and stash repository.  My first focus was going through the room I sew in and moving out piles of fabric that are not on my current target lists.  I got the majority out but it quickly became obvious I needed to work on my repository.  I’ve gotten rid of a few things.  I tell people I am bailing the Titanic with a teaspoon.  The amount I’m getting rid of is not making the difference.

I did have a friend come over and we folded part of one shelf.it let me see how things would look.  Last week I started grabbing fabric and ruler folding.  I had it stacked on my bed and my recliner in my room.  I grabbed the stacks from the shelf that was previously folded and sorted that into my color plan.  When I got just a little past this point I changed my approach.  Starting yesterday I went through my other racks, bins and piles and started pulling out reds, pinks, oranges, yellows greens and blues.  I’m going to concentrate on folding the first four and keep checking for more.  I’m contemplating leaving one empty stack/spot for wiggle room on each of my two racks.

I would love to hear any organizing tips you may have for me.  I am pulling out the sleeve and what was I thinking as I go.  What’s happening in your sewing room?