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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Camper Quilting

Before I left for vacation I prepped some strip sets and fussy cut campers from a cute fabric I bought with the intent of making a camper quilt for our camper.  I packed one other small project that I needed to cut a lot of pieces for.  I even packed my featherweight and a small sewing kit.

We had such a steep learning curve on the camper and lots of visiting.  At the end of day I was ready for bed!  I have the setup but it just didn’t happen.

As you read previously I broke my ankle at the end of that vacation.  That was on July 20th.  I was at the doctor by the 22nd and in surgery the 24th.  Since then I’ve had two different casts and graduated to a walking boot this past Monday.  I am able to do limited walking in that boot and have a knee scooter for longer distances.  It’s been “interesting” to try to cook and do laundry and all the normal things.  These all have been assisted activities.  Mostly the lack of stamina for standing but I’m getting there.

Yesterday I managed to get out for six hours to sew with my friend.  She’s a nurse and knew I wasn’t feeling my best.  She suggested I take my pain pill even though I didn’t feel pain (neuropathy).  I picked up after that!  It’s funny what your body knows it needs.

I managed to sew several of my toes together.  This is the Warm Wishes pattern.  I like it!

Can you see all the cuteness?  Trees, shooting stars, campers, lanterns and pets to name a few items.  I hope to get the rest of the rows sewn at my next session.  This will get done quickly.

After this experience I am looking at hand piecing options.  There are stamps that you can ink onto the back of your fabrics and rotary cut.  The sewing line is marked too.  Right now I want to buy all the things when I should just get one, maybe two, to try.  Google By Kate.  I asked people on several of my Facebook groups and got mostly great reviews!  I’ll tell more if I decide to get them.

What are you working on?

Saturday, August 08, 2020


If you’ve been reading awhile you know that sometimes this can be eventful.  This was one of those years!

We went to Tennessee first.  I got to meet my boyfriends son and grandkids for the first time.  We got to celebrate a birthday and then the Fourth of July.  It was fun to get to know everyone and to see their traditions.  Sadly they had to put their horse down while we were there.  They knew the time was approaching but the excitement of the fireworks resulted in the horse being knocked down and unable to stand up.  It was a sad day.

We had our motorcycle with us.  We got out for a short ride.  What beautiful countryside.  I ended up hyperextending my knee.  I managed the pain with ibuprofen and ice.  I tried to walk down the steps of the camper like a regular staircase.  Bad choice.  My age is really showing!

From there we went to Michigan.  We camped in five different places.  Only one was a campground.  The rest were driveways of friends or family.  We enjoyed our visits and did encounter some rain.  Was nice to have the air get a scrubbing.  While in MI my allergies were so bad that I ended up very congested and dizzy.  

We were going to go on to WI and MN but decided to head home.  We are new to camping in his camper and trying to figure things out was overwhelming.  We left Sunday night and drove a few hours stopping still in MI.  We got up in the morning.  Still blah and dizzy.

Ray wanted me to start off driving which I was ok with.  I went to trade places with him and woke up on the ground.  Ray said he was able to catch me and ease me down.  I got my wits about me and drove.  

By the next day I knew something was wrong with my right ankle.  I have neuropathy and do not really feel anything.  We safely got home Tuesday and I called my foot doc.  Broken tibia and tibia.

I had surgery on Friday and now have a rod and screws.  I’ve already had one cast change and go back on the 17th.  Hopefully I’ll graduate to a boot and can put weight on it then.  Right now hopping on a walker is difficult.

Not much quilty going on other than planning at the moment.  This leads to trouble!