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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Progress This Week

I have the center of the denim quilt assembled.  I have the border and backing chosen.  Need to do some cutting.  The backing needs to be expanded.  Undecided on how that will be accomplished.  Pictures once it's bordered.

Here is a block from Avignon Picnic.  Click the link for a full picture.  I have since picked this apart, into halves, because I didn't like the pink and brown all smoothed together.  My picture is turned sideways.  I am NOT enjoying assembling these blocks.  I think it's because I want thing spread out well and do not want them all to be the same.

I sat down with my iPad and wrote down all the possible combinations.  Do you know how to determine how many unique combinations you'll get?  I have 4 units that I want to be uniquely placed in the block.  I can use any of the 4 for the first position.  Then for the second position that leaves 3 choices, 2 for the third position then 1 for the fourth position.  This results in 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 or 24 unique combinations.  I am planning to make a 3x4 layout that will require 24 blocks. Hey, that worked out great.

Shown here are my units and my list of possible combinations.  Once I sew them together I will check them off.  Decisions removed.  I'm ready to sew it together now!

Not shown here is a big hunk of gray, a big hunk of yellow and a little gray floral.  This is heading to be a very modern looking baby quilt.  It is inspired by a pillow I found on Pinterest.  I just have to write down the measurements I need.  Pictures coming soon.

Here are some fabrics I pulled from a Stripz jelly roll.  I found mine at Walmart but I think JoAnns Fabrics carried them as well. In fact I think the jelly roll I used for Avignon Picnic was also a Stripz jelly roll.  I was auditioning the strips I chose with three different neutrals for the background.  I was really leaning toward the white which has a circle/swirl of white dots.  I just bought another neutral and it has a more dominant circle pattern to it.  I think that's the winner.  I am going to make Dizzy by Tiny Seamstress Designs.  I already plan to slightly alter the layout.  Typically I am a Prewasher but since the jelly roll won't be washed I'll skip that step for this one.

More to come.

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