Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mystery No More

Well it hasn't been a mystery since January 1st but now I know what MY quilt looks like.  One more good pressing then it will be added to my flimsy pile.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Design Wall Monday - April 13, 2015

Back on the 2nd I had the four patches made and some of the other components made except the star points.  I have worked a little on this every day and have gotten to this point.  All the borders are made even though they are not shown here.  I will continue to sew on this every day until its topped.  This is Bonnie Hunters Grand Illusion mystery that she offered last year.  Once this is done I'm going back to finish Lazy Sunday.

I'm linking to Patchworktimes.  Go visit to see what others have on their design walls.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Grand Illusion Progress

I have all my blocks done.  I went with a 3x4 setting.  I was auditioning everything together so just took a closer (blurry) picture of a smaller section.  I am glad that I chose the bright white for the stars.  The Grand Illusion quilts I've seen so far with the bright white have been my favorites.

I have all the sashing pieces complete and I have my borders all pieced with the exception of the cornerstone 4- patch being sewn on.  They are made though.  Because I made a smaller version I had to figure out how many of  each unit I needed.  There are extras!  Boy are there extras.

Here they are.  A few border pieces.  The one corner piece of the main block.  A few star points and I think 14 extra sashing units.  Well, components of those units.  If you would like any ir all of these extras just leave me a comment.  If there is a lot of interest I will do a random draw.  My goal is to get this top together by Friday the 17th.  When I get back from my sewing group I will notify the recipient then.  Good luck!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Grand Illusion Mystery Progress

This is the first Bonnie Hunter mystery that I sewed along with.  I have participated in three of her NYE mysteries that are held in Plano, TX.  I did make two Orca Bay quilts but the majority of that work was done by others and I assembled the tops.  I did do piecing on each of them though.

While I am thinking over the borders of Lazy Sunday I decided to keep sewing on something and this was it.  I am only making 12 of the blocks.  I guesstimated that I would make a third of the quilt size.  As a result I guesstimated that I would need about a third of the required yardage as well.  The only one that I guesstimated correctly was the yellow.  I bought this fabric back when the fabric requirements were released.  

I was working at a rather leisurely pace and it started to dawn on me that I was going to run out of fabric.  Oh NO!!  I calculated the number of units I was able to make out of each strip or strip set, then I started cutting the number of strips I would need to determine what I was short on.  I ran to the store and found four of the five fabrics.  I knew what was needed for three of them.  I guessed on one of them.  I'll have to track the last one down and figure out what is required.

Here is what its looking like.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Lazy Sunday Borders

Here is my Lazy Sunday quilt by Bonnie Hunter up to the first border.  It calls for a green and neutral HST border then a blue and neutral diamond border.  Here I am showing the aqua and green.  I don't think that green is doing it for me.

I am leaning toward a double diamond border with the aqua, blue and neutral.  


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lazy Sunday on a Lazy Sunday

Remember the stash box I posted about recently?  There were these little tags in there that you use to mark your blocks when you have your layout and help keep everything in order when you go to the sewing machine.  I pinned these tags in the upper left hand corner of each block.  I have tried other tips about how to stack them etc but I invariably sewed the wrong edges together.  These tags solved that problem.  I googled Quilt Dance and found the set for sale for $10.  I think they are worth it.

This is an old photo of my Lazy Sunday quilt top.  It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern and I am lucky enough to live close to the Plano quilt shop where she taught it as a New Years mystery.  It is now in one of her books.  More Adventures with Leaders and Enders if I'm not mistaken.  I now have these rows all sewn together and just finished the sashing rows.  I will start sewing some of these together today and begin working on the pieced borders.  I will at least get the strips I need cut so that I can work on the sub cutting and sewing as I go.

Hope you are getting to sew today and enjoying a lazy Sunday.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

T-Shirt Quilt - A First For Me

See the drawn line?  See the cut edge?  That's a span of 3 3/8ths inches.  This is the second border after the red.  I managed to ease all of that in when I attached it.  Nothing seemed odd when I was sewing it.  In fact I was pleased with how it was going because I was using a new method for cutting my borders.

Previously I carefully measured through the center of the quilt then measured and cut my borders.  This time I lay the strips on the quilt through the center and cut them.  Basically the quilt served as the ruler.  I cut the borders two at a time then sewed and repeat.  

Normally I do not cut my borders on the straight of grain.  For some reason I decided to cut the final border this way.  I followed the same measuring and cutting process.  Everything was going fine until I tried pinning the last borders, last sides to the quilt.  One side went on without a hitch.  I was savoring this finish.  I flipped the quilt around and pinned the final border piece. I pin/mark the quilt and border in quarter segments to make sure things go on a little more square.  

Imagine my surprise when I had way more border on the white than I did the final navy.  I stretched (very little) since this was on the straight grain) pinned, coaxed and coerced.  I knew my only option was to remove that white border and remeasure.  I had to remove part of the navy borders on the side. All this work is how I learned that I had so much extra.  Who knows how I managed that.

Here is the end result.  Ignore the ripple.  There was not enough space to lay it out perfectly.  Believe me, it is flat.  As soon as I finished the top I whipped up the backing and went straight to the quilter with it.  This is for my daughter and is made of her Dad's shirts.  We lost him almost 4 years ago now.  This will be a nice keepsake for her.  I made my daughter go with me to talk to the quilter.  I walked in the door with lots of ideas which my daughter completely discarded.  It's ok.  We brainstormed and came up with a nice quilting plan.  I'll be getting this back sometime in May.  I need to work on the binding so it's ready when the quilt comes back.

i googled and studied many websites about making t-shirt quilts.  I was afraid of ruining my husbands t-shirts but in spite of one small cutting error all went well.  I received the most encouragement and guidance from a lady that goes to my sit and sews at the church.  I can't wait to show this to her. I learned many things and look forward to making more.