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Sunday, June 28, 2009

After the hospital

DH was released on Saturday and I knew he would panic if I returned to LA the next day. So I waited until Monday a.m. so that he could contact the doc about some concerns. DD was planning to return with me to start her summer and was chomping at the bit to get on the road.

We had a nice drive and I worked from home the rest of that day so that she wouldn't be left alone in a strange place the first day. We made lists of things needed to setup her room and got the menu list made for the weeks meals. I told her she needed to be patient and that we would get her room setup in good time.

Friday I was allowed to leave work early since my boss felt we were at a good stopping point. I went and got DD and off we went to shop. Over the weekend we managed to take in a movie and shopped til we dropped. It was so hot and we were up and down stairs during the hardest part of the day. Her bed frame was so heavy that we had to open the box downstairs and carry the pieces upstairs. We were up until after midnight putting everything together. It looks really nice in there. My only concern was that she wanted a twin bed and has a full at home. I was up early Sunday having some alone time. All of a sudden I heard a big THUD. I was able to lean over and look down the hall to see that she had fallen out of bed. I hurried in there and she had a confused look on her face. I knew she wasn't sure where she was and what had happened. I think she is used to the bed now. No more thuds...and you didn't hear this from me!!

I will be back tomorrow with more catching up!


romika said...

Glad dh doing so much better, I will bring him some Tim Tams when I return next year. You sure have been a busy girl with your dd so hope life with the two of you is working well. Loved the quilts.

Martys Fiber Musings said...

Thanks, Swooze, for the update. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Funny story about DD falling out of bed...and how old did you say she is?? Oh, please don't tell her I asked that!!!!

Cathy said...

Glad you are getting to spend some quality time with your dd! I laughed at the part about her falling out of bed...don't tell her I said that, LOL!
Make sure you are taking care of you...who would take care of everyone else if something happened to you?

Donna in NE La. said...

Glad to hear from you, Swooze! Prayers for DH. Glad you and dd are getting to spend some quality time together. Take care of yourself!

Uncle Brett said...


deb said...

Lots of Prayers for You and your dh......Hope dd likes her new digs.