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Monday, August 17, 2009

Cyber Friends

I love it when I get to meet my internet friends. This is Melissa aka dulciquilt from #quiltchat. I have known her for a long time. She does beautiful work.

My dd took a picture of herself on her cell phone about 2 years ago. I love the picture of her and it is my cell phone and PC screen saver. Well it was on my PC til she put Hugh Jackman on there. OK, he can stay. Some people ask me if she is "goth". I don't see that...I see an artsy pic. I asked dulci to make this pic into an art quilt for me. I love it!


Ele said...

Wow, Dulci strikes again!! She does awesome work with things like that, huh? How come you stood up and made her sit? She is so short you could use her as a footstool, swooze!! I have leaned on her a couple of times myself. Great to see you two together!

Hugs, Ele

Greenmare said...

fabulous!!!! our daughters would get along great!

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Amazing work! I bet it will be hung in a place of honour!