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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sewing with Friends

I ordered kits for charity quilts from Downy to benefit Quilt for Kids. Amy and I got together yesterday and put two together. Nothing like spending time with friends and getting to sew.


Barb said...

Love them!!

Ele said...

The kids will love those quilts, Swooze. You did a very nice job with them.

Anonymous said...

I just sent for a kit too and it came the other day. I am hoping to sew mine on Monday. You gals did a great job on those two!


Quilter In Paradise said...

good job! I have my kit done and did another from my stash to send,,, they go so fast!

Rhonda said...

Those are really cute...I really love the bright one. Great job!

Trish said...

Thank you for showing us these wonderful quilts that you have put together. I hadn't heard about the Quilt for Kids site and had to go check it out. I Have ordered a kit and will also make another quilt from my stash to send back. Thank you for spreading the word about this wonderful Site.

Paula said...

What a great way to spend a day and for such a good cause. Your quilts are so pretty! I know the children who receive those will feel the LOVE that went into making them.

I'd not heard of this promotion but immediately went to the website and did a little drooling while looking at their gallery. I'm going to order a kit too! I'm also going to tell some of my quilter friends on a couple of other sites as well my LQS.

Thanks for sharing your quilts and the info.

Paula Z in AZ