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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Dozen Kits

Back in this post I talked about 12 kits that I had put together and wanted to make up next.

  • There is a bolt of red, white and blue. I made a QOV from that.
  • Pampered pooch fabric and pattern. Just topped that
  • OU fabric. I don't know if there was fabric for one or two there but two were made and delivered
  • Black and yellow purse. Still a kit.
  • Red white and blue split decision. Still a kit
  • Red White and Black Spring Breeze. Done.
  • Pink and Brown quilt. Still a kit.
  • BQ Quilt. After a year and a half I finally found the missing fabric tonight...still a kit.
  • Red and White Irish Chain. Still a kit
  • 3 Giant Ninepatch quilts. Topped
  • Chevron Daisy - done
  • 1 more but I can't see it. Probably not a quilt.

So from my dozen I have 5 completed quilts and 4 quilt tops. That is from 6 of those kits. In that timeframe there have been more quilts completed or topped. I have been very productive and am quite pleased.

I will have to set goals around these remaining kits and see if I can get them done within a set timeframe.


Barb said...

All I have to say to that is WOW!!!

Donna in NW FL said...

Good work, Swooze! I don't even want to list all the kits and tops that need completing!