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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Quilters ADD and Stash Possibilities

Last weekend I was preparing to embark upon my venture into using my scraps and other cast offs to make a quilt. I readily go to the yardage in my stash to make something, usually resorting to a trip to the LQS because I don’t have that perfect match. I want to learn to make it work.

I went to my cutting board and cleared off a spot. I realized I needed to press the fabric and went to clear off the ironing board. In the process of doing that I spotted a pile of FQs and remembered that I had bought a box to put those in. I went and fetched that box and started loading the FQs into it. I decided to go through the stash cabinets to get more FQs.

While I was digging through there I found a piece of fabric I had been looking for. This also reminded me that there were two other pieces of fabric that I had been missing for close to 1.5 years. Back into the stash cabinets pulling FQs, finding asian prints that I wanted to put with the rest of my asian prints. I found one of the missing pieces of fabric. This spurred me to lift each pile on each shelf and go through it because I knew the other piece HAD to be in there somewhere even though I had been through this exercise before. I found it! I am so happy.

I look around and see that I have all these little stacks of things that I want to use soonish or pieces that I want to group with other pieces and so on and so forth. Because I have touched almost all my fabric again I remember what is in there and remember intended projects or remember a special piece of fabric I wanted to use one day once I found the perfect pattern. Now they are all fresh in my mind. My urge to go fabric shopping is suppressed because I have fresh projects at least in my mind. I have lots of STASH possibilities.

You can probably guess that I did not cut scraps nor cast offs. So this weekend I am preparing to embark upon my venture into using my scraps and other cast offs to make a quilt………


Andrea said...

Great post - sounds familiar - lol ! I too am trying to tame the scraps.


G!! Swooze, Maybe YOU should come to MY house and "Find" all my lost stuff!! I did find my embroidery hoop, but still missing the cord, foot pedal, pressure foot, screw and small inside hoop piece. ROFL!~!

Quilter Kathy said...

It's funny how that happens! I have been stash diving a lot recently too, so am more familiar with what is in my closets, finding projects that I loved, etc.
I liked your line "I have lots of STASH possibilities"!