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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Mom Story

See the backing of this quilt? In the picture it looks blue but it is actually purple. My mother asked me...."Now why did you put a BLUE backing on that quilt?" I said "Actually Mother, it's purple!" She didn't seem any more excited with that answer. We didn't go into discussion about it but I think she feels the backing should MATCH the front. I was having so much fun with these quilts why do something like match the back to the front??? I like the surprise element of it all. And I am hearing great stories about this quilt and the one her brother received as well. These quilts are loved and I didn't get a citation from the quilt police.

Mission accomplished!!


Barb said...

Love this quilt...seems like it would go fast and makes up so pretty!

tirane93 said...

[state trooper twang] ah'm sorry ma'am but ah'm afraid ah'll have t'CON-fee-scate 'em there quilts. the backin' don't match the tops!

Floss said...

Love all the fabrics, including the back

Greenmare said...

true success! it was FUN for you to make and GIVE!!!!! My daughter loves to have the back a bit different to give her more looks with them.