Judy L's UFO Challenge

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Jill of Ramblings of A Fabric and Yarn Obsessor asked what are the main reason(s) you put PIGS and UFOs to the side.

I started quilting in 1989 or so. About two or three years ago I finished all my UFOs. I was part of the Stashbuster challenge and worked and worked at them until they were all done. I didn’t have any UFOs for a year or so. I started making lots of new things. It seems that if I was making multiples and one was for me mine was set aside. I also made some things just because I wanted to try the pattern but didn’t have a recipient in mind. Most of these are topped but not quilted. I am not calling these UFOs at this point but we know they are. I have at least 12 items in this category.

I do have several items that I started with an intended recipient but travelled so much that I didn’t finish them. A time issue. I don’t think I have ever fallen out of like with something I have started and will eventually finish everything. I have 5 items in this category.

PIGS purely fall into the reason of not getting to them due to other time bound things taking precedence. I easily have 2 dozen in this category.

I assessed my accomplishments last year in the quilting category. I made 6 complete quilts from start to bound finish. I also made 2 aprons and 2 pillow cases. I made 6 tops that are in the flimsy stage. Using this information I hope to do the same or better this year. I made a list of items I really want to make this year in addition to participating in Judy L’s UFO challenge. When I get through those things I really want to make I will work on those PIGS.


Kate said...

Pretty impressive that you finished all your UFOs! Congratulations on the 6 finishes and the 6 tops last year.

Impera_Magna said...

Hadn't heard/read about PIGS so had to look it up... *lol* I have one of those plus a few at the flimsy stage...

I think you did GOOD what finishing six quilts last year and having 6 tops done... the rest will get done eventually!

jillquilts said...

You did a GREAT job in finishing all your UFO's! For a quilter who has quilted since the late 80's that is very impressive! I say that you are now allowed to have some flimsies and UFOs. :)