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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Are You a Member of Ravelry?

I joined a little over 3 years ago. Up until this year I have been a light user. But this year I really started exploring the site. I have stashed all my sock yarn plus a few others. I have joined several groups. I have begun stashing my looming, knitting and crochet books. It has been a fun site to search and see how others are using yarns you have or how patterns that you plan to do one day turn out for others with their yarn choices. I even found a yarn I needed to finish that last shawl I just completed.

The thing that I have enjoyed the most is the people. I am an active member of three groups that meet in person. One group is in LA and the other two are in TX in my town. One of the latter groups decided to have a one year anniversary party. I have been the least active with this group but they reached out to me to encourage me to join them. I did and was given the party favor below. Isn't it adorable? One of the members made one for everyone that attended.

To see more pics of the event go here.

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