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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I sewed!!

The last thing I remember sewing was the binding on my Mother's quilt. Maybe I sewed a little on my denim and flannel blocks too. But with everything going on since March I know that my sewing machine and I have not been close.

My daughter asked me to make her a "Hello Kitty" fleece blanket. I told her go find the fleece and call me and I will buy it and make the blanket. She found it in record time and even came and got me to take me to buy it.

I had made a fleece blanket for my neighbor Kelly some time ago. Last year while she was helping me and took my son to the hospital for a stay (she stayed too) her blanket went missing. I called her and asked her to go look at fleece with us. She had a piece that her daughter Amanda had bought and needed a coordinating piece. She went with us and found what she was looking for.

That was last night. Kelly took all the fleece to her house and washed it and we had a sewing date today. 3 hours later we had the two blankets below and some big smiles. This effort will put a smile on my face too because I was pushed to find all my sewing paraphenalia in order to accomplish this mission. Now that I know where it is I can get sewing again for myself!


Barb said...

That is awesome and what big smiles!!

Impera_Magna said...

I'm glad you all had fun... the blankets look warm and snuggly!

Gari said...

Sometimes we just need a little push. Nice you have people who love you.

Linda said...

Yay!!! I love it. I'm glad you're back to sewing. Darcy looks really good in the pic too. Ok, what's next?