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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Corner Decision

I decided to stay with the original look of the quilt since I am supposedly only "fixing" it. I thought a total change was more of a tweak than I should do. I was out yesterday and bought a little more fabric and washed it as soon as I got home. I cut it up last night and started sewing. I should have acted this quickly on the rest of my stash!! LOL!

I am going to finish making the corners and have this round sewn onto the middle this weekend. I will then lay out the borders that were on it originally and see where I am at. I am very glad I took this apart down to the individual piece. It really is going together quite quickly!

Thanks to everyone that shared their ideas on how to finish the corners. I love options and was given lots to think about. I knew in my heart this was the way I should do the corners but my head wanted to see what else I could do!


Barb said...

Aren't quilters great!!

Vic in NH said...

Good for you! Now that you have a plan, you are really motivated!