Judy L's UFO Challenge

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Basting a King

I brought this king quilt with me to spread out on the hotel room floor and pin baste it.  I didn't have enough pins so I concentrated on the center portion for now and will get that quilted.  Then I will be moving pins to another section so I can concentrate on that.

This is the crochet version of the WingSpan shawl.  You can get the free pattern on ravelry.  I had a big section done but realized I was working the pattern incorrectly.  I was going to frog and redo it.  I forgot it at home and will do that later.  Luckily I had my second skein with me.  I went and bought a new hook and went to work.  It does seem to be going together a lot more quickly this time/


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Lovely quilt! I am interested in that shawl. I used to crochet years and years ago, and I have always wanted to knit some socks. I recently tried and failed miserably!


Barb said...

I gotta hand it to you, you are determined to quilt....good luck!

Bonnie said...

Yikes... pinning on the floor? My back hasn't been agreeable to do that for years. Have you thought of checking with your church to see if they would mind if you used some of their long tables? Just a thought.

I am slowly realizing what a marvelous resource Ravelry is. I look forward to seeing what this shawl looks like when all done. I still can't figure it out based on Monday's post!