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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What I'm Working On

I posted about this quilt a few weeks ago.  When I received it the backing was see through in spots in addition to the quilt having several holes through and through.  The quilt was birthed so the edges were quite worn on the top from being pulled at by everyday wear and tear.  The quilt also had been tied.

First I removed the ties and snipped the seams.  There was nothing salvageable about the poly-cotton backing.  The batting felt like a flannel rather than traditional batting.  I trimmed 2 rows of squares on 2 sides.  On the other sides I removed three rows from one side to remove a good portion of the damage and then a single row on the opposite side.  I was trying to keep the proportion of the quilt.  Using the three row piece I unpicked squares to use in repair of the rest of the top.  I then removed 8 squares that were shattered or had bad fraying.  I sewed in the replacement pieces.

With the newly restored top I layered it with cream flannel in the center and a yellow flannel on the back that was similar in color to the original backing.  I pin basted then quiled in the ditch to form a grid design.  I then used the self binding method to finish it.  In the process of quilting I found another bad square but decided to address it after quilting.  I went to that patch and needle weaved the spot together.  The repair blends in very well and is barely noticeable.

I am packing it up today and shipping it back to its owner.  The cost was $24 in materials plus shipping.  The repair is a gift for them hosting us while we were in MI in January/February.  I've already moved onto my next project.


Irene Lucero said...

Very nice.

QuiltSwissy said...

You did such a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing your method with us.

Gretchen Weaver said...

It is very kind of you to do the needed extensive repair work on this quilt. This was a lovely gesture of appreciation for their hospitality.