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Sunday, October 25, 2015

First Quilt Completed on my Avante

I am documenting my first experience for future reference.  I started the quilt a little late w.  When I first loaded the quilt I hit my leader and threw my machine out of wack.  It was weeks before I was able to get it fixed.  When I started again I made sure to avoid the leaders.  I went a tad overboard.

As you can see my backing was a tad short.  I will let the binder decide how to address that.

When I basted across the top and down the sides I got little folds in the edges.  I don't think I was doing something I was shown.  This will be the first question I ask.  Also, when I was pulling my bobbin thread to the top at the end of a run my thread was not getting cut so the thread was getting dragged across the back.  Again, I missed something I was taught.  Question number two.

Overall the back looks good.  Tension was good.

On the front there were a few tension issues but always on the right side.  I think it was my top tension, not thread but quilt tautness.  Practice is needed to improve that area I believe.

Finally, my new quilt holder in training.  He did a fine job and peeked over the top to get his photo.  He's been my sons friend since they were 7 or 8.  His name is Dylan but I call him Dill Pickle.  Didn't he do a fine job?

If you know any of my answers please feel free to share!




Barb said...

Good for you, looks great!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry you had problems I guess a learning curve? I hope you have someone near by to answers your questions

QuiltSwissy said...

I am so proud of you, your first Quilt! An it looks pretty good at that!

I did the hitting the leader thing once. fun. You are using the red snappers? What I do now is to load the backing at the top with the little 2 inch temporary pieces. Roll it up. Load the backing at the bottom. that allows me to get the backing aligned and not out of whack. (Ok, I am not obsessing about making everything so perfectly square. And as long as it is not stripes, I really don't worry.)

Then I roll it back making sure everything is fairly straight. Put the long red snapper pieces on the backing top.

Then I just lay the batting on. And get it as straight as I can. And I then put the top on, and run the basting stitch.

And then just quilt away with the top and the batting floating free so the bassets can lay on it. Cause that is what you want, dog hair in the MIDDLE of your quilt sandwich.

Oh, and I make backing about 3 or 4 inches longer on both the top and the bottom. unless of course, I am loading it sideways. Yes you can do that too! See, the excitement never ends!