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Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Quilted

I've finished another quilt on my Avante.  I tried more complex things.  I had tension issues.  I got some learning in.

I only basted the top edge.  I didn't have issues with the other three sides.  I free handed a wave design across the top and down the sides as I went.  At first I was quilting the center then the sides.  At some point I quilted the sides then center.  I made it work but will try not to repeat that error.

I was pretty consistent down the sides until I got to the end.  I wasn't feeling my best and my corners ended weird.  I drew it out but it just didn't work.  I'll try turning it next time so the side borders are at top and bottom.  I need to take a small step back until I've had more practice.  

Someone suggested I make my loops bigger.  I like how they look but I get bored quickly!  I'll work it out.

Finally I need to pay closer attention when winding my bobbin.  The thread slipped out of the tension discs.  I think this was the root of my tension issues.

Next up is a little quilt I pieced.




cityquilter grace said...

rome wasn't built in a day....looking good so far, everyone's learning curve is probably different...relax and enjoy the process!

ShinyNewThing said...

Keep practicing - I took a course with a MQ expert (can't remember which one) and she said a minimum of 300 hours to be good! I've never done that much but I used to be better at it when I was doing a lot.