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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Q2 Finish Along

I am joining another group of quilters declaring their list of projects that they would like to finish in the 2nd quarter of 2016.  Last quarter I only finished 1 of my items.  I'm going to list the majority of them again plus a few more.

Supersize 9 patch - binding

Feedback patches - binding

5 Strip Stacks - quilting

Step Up - quilting

Poppy BQ - quilting

6 Microwave bowls - piecing
Avignon Picnic - borders

Matchstick Marimba - quilting

Hugs and Kisses - border

Raising Cane - quilting

Baby BQ - quilting

This is a big stretch but doable.  My employment will be shifting so I may have a little more free time.

Click here to see what everyone else's goals are.


Gari in AL said...

Whew! I'm just hoping to finish quilting the quilt I started last April, right before I got sick. I just retightened it on the frame yesterday and was going to today see if I still know how to quilt but a storm is coming so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Wonder how many months it will take to get that last 1/4th quilted.

Rhonda said...

Wow, pretty quilt. You can do it!!!!

cityquilter grace said...

wow...ambitious list there......you are inspiring me!