Judy L's UFO Challenge

Sunday, December 11, 2016


 This is a Bonnie Hunter mystery that I took at Fabric Fanatics in Plano Texas in January 2013. This is one in a series of quilts that Bonnie offered as a New Year's Eve mystery. Wanderlust was the one offered about six months after my mother passed away so I decided to use her fabrics to make this quilt. While I was in this class I got a call from my dad that he was in the hospital.  To say this quilt is full of emotion is an understatement.

 I pulled this quilt out earlier this year to work on but was frustrated with the lack of variety that my mother seemed to have in her stash. I learned from working on Garden Party to tackle these complex quilts one small step at a time in order not to be overwhelmed. So I decided to focus on the small 4 1/2 inch star block in the center of all of the bigger blocks.   When I did this I managed to find all the variety that I needed in her stash and completed those small stars today.

 Another realization that I had while working on this quilt was that there is a constant of black and orange in the quilt and my mother had neither of those so I already had to add fabric from my own stash to make this quilt. This makes me feel less strict about sticking with her fabric only but I'm going to select from hers first where possible.

Quilty hugs!



QuiltSwissy said...

I remember that time. And how sad things were with your mom, then your dad. I am glad you are finishing it up now. A little bit mom, a little bit you. Perfect.

maggie fellow said...

I love the blend of fabrics to make the quilt- sorry about the sad memories though.

patty a. said...

Your little stars are wonderful! It is good you figured out how to make this quilt in a less overwhelming way.

I got my Mom's stash when she died. She knew her time was coming to an end for years so she didn't buy fabric except for projects. Every year she would make a quilt for the family Christmas raffle and after she passed I continued on the tradition using her stash and UFO's until I had to start adding fabric from my stash because there wasn't enough of her stash anymore.

It is still hard with the emotion in making this quilt, but one day it will bring a smile when you remember the good stuff when seeing this quilt.

PeggyB said...

I am sorry for your loss. You are putting your Mother's fabrics to good use.