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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dutchman’s Puzzle

This is from a swap I participated in ending last year.  We chose block patterns and provided fabric.  Some people chose up to a dozen patterns.  Each month you made 2 blocks using the patterns and fabrics provided and then passed the box.  We met for lunch with each person choosing a location in turn.  As you can see I chose a single pattern.  I had to make additional blocks and I did take a few apartbthat had pinwheel centers from the color placement.

I was handed back the box along with all the scraps.  There was a bag of off cut triangles from making the geese. For many years I had been wanting to make the migrating geese border.  I am just “winging”!the pattern and I think it’s turning out great!  Two sides will be red and two will be blue.  All the borders are mostly made.  I just need a place to lay it out and finish up.  I hope to post a completed top soon!

What are you working on?



Chantal said...

So happy to see you and your gorgeous project in Blogland again. I love the migrating geese border. Looks wonderful. ;^)

Elle said...

Fantastic quilt top! Love your border :-)

patty a. said...

That border is fabulous and compliments the quilt perfectly! I hope you have been well!

ShinyNewThing said...

Looks great, love the border. A very long time ago I took part in a few similar swaps but we had to stop doing them in my club due to the acrimony and accusations of inferior workmanship, not using the right seam allowances etc. etc.!

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